Friday Q&A: “What’s The Deal With…?”

This has been a great week for questions.

Inundated with them. Actually have been over the last
2 weeks. So thanks and if I haven’t gotten back to you,
don’t worry, I’m in the process.

Had lots of questions about Becoming Bulletproof this

We’ve had more overseas requests – Germany and
Australia. Yes, we’ll come if we can make it work.

And here’s some more that you’ll find interesting:

Q: “My question today is about the Becoming
Bulletproof workshop. I hate that I missed the one
in the Atlanta area, the title made me think that it
was about hardcore kettlebell activities. I should have
read it. What is the purpose of the ‘resets’?”

A: Glad you asked this – I’m sure a lot of people are
unclear about this too. “Resets” are neurological
and vestibular system resets whose purpose is to
remove your current limitations and restrictions and
restore your body’s natural operating system to its
original state.

If you just said “huh” – stay with me here – I’ll explain
it a little more.

You moved perfectly between about 3 and 5 years old,
without any sort of movement compensations or
dysfunctions. It was only when you got to school and
were told to “sit still and pay attention” that you started
to develop faulty movement patterns.

You were made to move in pretty much any way you
choose, but primarily on two feet. Not sit on your butt
all day long.

Sitting, erodes your body’s reflexes, upon which all your
movement – and STRENGTH – is based.

So the resets restore or sharpen your body’s natural
reflexes, and by doing so, restores your natural
movement and therefore strength.

Q: “Are they (the resets) to properly align the body
for better movement?”

A: Yes, and more.

Not only do they properly align your body for better
movement, but they increase your reflexive strength/
stability, what we call your “Original Strength” and
make you physically stronger – physically more resilient –
allowing you to feel young again.

Is the goal of that to allow the body to become more
efficient with weight loss/strength gains etc?

The goal is to allow the body to move and function
in the way it was designed. In doing so, you automatically
become more efficient with weight loss and strength
gains because there is no (or seriously reduced) stress
hormone response and inflammation that accompanies
long-term movement compensations and dysfunctions.

Q: “Once the information is acquired, do you incorporate
it into your daily existence to some degree; as opposed
to just a warm up or recovery?”

A: Yes, you do. You do it daily. It only takes about 3-5
minutes. It’s a form of body maintenance, like brushing
your teeth or showering. In 3-5 minutes you can literally
undo the damaging effects of sitting or being stuck in
flexion all day long.

The more frequently you do the resets, the more beneficial
they become until you reach the point where just a little
bit goes a long way. I personally use them for warm up
and recovery. And I’ll use some of the higher level
resets as “workouts” for myself.

Q: “In your opinion, how effective is it to just acquire
the printed material versus attending the workshop
(do you get printed material at the workshop)?”

A: We started the workshops for two reasons:

1) Because we started getting a lot of questions about
the material in the book. People like to “feel” – I’m
the same way – I learn by doing.

2) The resets produced different results with people
all across the board. Some of them saw immediate
benefit from all of them, and some didn’t.

What we noticed with our private clients/patients was
that the people who didn’t see spectacular results responded
well when we broke the resets down into component
movements or regressions. These are just pieces or parts
of a reset. And these regressions, because they’re parts
of the resets, are resets themselves.

For example, I was stuck on Leopard Crawls for 2 years.
I couldn’t progress to Spiderman Crawls without my
hips going all over the place.

That’s one of the ways I discovered the crawling
regressions. I inserted some crawling regressions –
3 simple ones actually – and once I could do those
with ease, I had no problem Spiderman crawling.

So, if you learn well from printed material, great. That
could be all you need. If you feel a little confused, or
stuck, or are not noticing much or significant change,
then the workshops are definitely for you.

You probably need the regressions. And once you
implement these into your training, the resets make a
bigger impact and you’ll notice the difference in your

The good news is that there’s relatively little guesswork
involved – you find what you need for you as you go
through the workshop.

And yes, we give you a manual at the workshop with
the regressions in them along with some other really
cool stuff about the body and how BB system works
that’s not in either of the books. So you can look back
at the regressions if you forget any of them.

Q: “If this stuff is so simple to use, why the need for a
full day’s workshop?”

A: It is simple to use. Unfortunately, your body may
not respond to the resets in the way you think it should.

That’s where the regressions come in. They’re just as
simple to use as the original resets, and in many cases,
more powerful to the individuals concerned. These are
equally as simple – so simple in fact, they fall under the
category of “as plain as the nose on your face.”

When presented with them, you can see them inside each
reset, you just didn’t know to look for them.

Q: “Do you use KBs at your workshops?”

A: Yes, but not in the traditional sense.

We have people use a KB for a very easy strength
movement to measure their progress with each
regression/reset. Apart from that, there aren’t any
other kettlebell exercises involved.

Q: “So are you working out or not? Will we get to work
out or not?”

A: Not in the traditional sense of working out, no.
You are moving – A LOT. And most, if not all attendees
move into ranges of motion they haven’t moved in to
in years. And you’re doing it for 8 hours.

So by the end of the day you won’t feel “worked out”
in the traditional sense, especially if you’ve been to a
kettlebell workshop, but you will feel tired, because
you essentially spent the whole day “re-wiring” your

Q: “How does this compare to other “movement
systems” out there?”

Honestly I don’t like to directly compare – at least
not anymore.

In a word, I’d say “simpler.”

In two words, “more intuitive.”

In three, “easier to use.”

In four, “this stuff just works.”

In five, “this will change your life!”

How’s that? I hope it’s enough, cause that’s all I’m
willing to say. :-)

If you need more, you’ll just have to register for the
next workshop and discover for yourself.

There are still a few spots left at the upcoming workshop
and the Early Bird discount ends tomorrow.

Reserve your spot today if want to feel awesome.

That’s all for now.

Off to the StrongFirst Leadership Meeting in Utah

Have a great weekend.


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