Frightening 11 Minute Fat Loss Workout – Scary Stuff! [INSIDE]

Yeah, yeah, I know, Halloween cliches, but…

You know and I know that there’s always going to be some
extra candy lying around.

And you know and I know that we’re probably both going to
get a head start tonight.

And you know and I know that if the truth be told, we’re
probably going to have enough of that stuff lying around
until Thanksgiving – 2015. LOL.

Anyway, here’s a little workout that will scare the socks off
your body fat.

You’ll need a light-to-medium pair of KBs.

Men: 16kgs, maybe 20s if you’re feeling strong. 24s if you
are strong.

Ladies: 10kg, maybe 12s if you’re feeling strong.16s if you
are strong.

Honestly, I’d err on the side of caution here.

Here’s what you’re gonna do:

Row x 20 seconds
Clean x 20 seconds
Press x 20 seconds
Snatch x 20 seconds
Front Squat x 20 seconds

Perform that as a complex – each exercise done right after
the other without putting your KBs down.

(Complexes are one of the best ways I know to burn off body

That’s means you’ll be hoisting your KBs for 100 seconds or
1:40 of non-stop work.

Rest twice that. 200 seconds of rest.

3 minutes, 20 seconds.

Sounds like a lot. It won’t be. :-)

Do that for 3 rounds.

That means you’ll be done in about 11 minutes.

That’ll be enough.

That’s day 1 of “Oh Row You Don’t, 2.0″ from “More Kettlebell

There are 2 more days in this program.

Day 2 is the “best” – the hardest. It’ll have you working for
2 minutes and 20 seconds per set. 140 seconds of work.

That workout will take you just over 16 minutes.

And Day 3 is 2 minutes per set.

And this workout will take approximately 14 minutes.

Think you can find 41 minutes next week to not only burn
off the remnants of tonight’s Halloween candy but some of
the extra stuff you haven’t been able to get off this year?

This program is 6 weeks long and will take you through
Thanksgiving and up to the doorstep of the Holidays.

What’s even better than that is “More Kettlebell Muscle” has
19 other complex-based fat loss KB programs.

They’ll take you far into the New Year.

What’s even mo’ better is that when you grab your copy of
“More Kettlebell Muscle” today you’ll get two bonuses

BONUS 1: The MKM Rapid Fat Loss Accelerator -

A “White Paper” that shows you simple scientific tweaks that
can potentially increase your fat loss by up to another pound
a week.

BONUS 2: The 24 Hour Diet

Did you know there are 3 very specific amino acids that
when added to your diet combat stress and inflammation –
two things that stop fat loss dead in its tracks?

This diet revolves around those amino acids and is simple,
easy, and enjoyable to implement and should be used daily.

Talk soon.


P.S. Did you know today is another holiday besides Halloween?

It’s Reformation Day.

497 years ago Martin Luther posted his “95 Theses” in
protest of the “sale of indulgences” by the Catholic Church,
an abuse that sold salvation and absolved people of sins.

Luther’s “95 Theses” became the spark that lit the fire that
became the Protestant Reformation, which ultimately rescued
the poor from a corrupt faux-religious oligarchy and put
truth of the Good News back in the hands of the every day

You can absolve your own dietary indulgences – your Halloween
and other nutritional indiscretions with “More Kettlebell Muscle.”

Enough with the self-flagellation and guilt –

Get your copy here.

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