From Cancer Survivor To “Kettlebell STRONG!”

or, if you prefer…

“Not just for guys – Why ladies dig “Kettlebell STRONG!””


You may be tempted to think that “Kettlebell STRONG!”
is only for men – especially with a subtitle –

“How To Get As Strong As An Ox By Mastering The
Double Kettlebell Exercises…”

I mean, honestly, how many women wake up, look
in the mirror, and go –

“Ya know, I want to be a strong as an ox. Yup, that’s
what my life is missing.”

Ummm… Maybe… One…?

Until they need that strength.

Like the lady you’re about to meet – Karen.

Karen is so strong, it’d put many men to shame.

Here’s an interview I did with her about how
“Kettlebell STRONG!” made her stronger.

I know I learned a thing or two about strength
and I’m sure you will too.

Talk soon.


P.S. I’ll be announcing the 3 winners tomorrow
afternoon. If you haven’t entered the competition
to win a copy of the “Kettlebell STRONG!” DVDs
and book, you can do so here –

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