From Pavel – For You?

Hey – I was talking to Pavel a couple of weeks ago
about some of the things he was working on.

He’s working on some pretty interesting and
innovating training plans.

He said he’s looking for some volunteers – some
guinea pigs – for some of the new programs he’s
designed because he wants to collect some data
to confirm his hypotheses.

So I told him I’d help him out by letting you know
about it.

Here’s the message he asked me to send to you:

“StrongFirst has been working on innovative
“anti-glycolytic” kettlebell conditioning programs.

We are looking for participants who are disciplined
to follow these programs to the end and who will
chart their progress. If that fits you, please take
a look at the current categories we are testing:

-TSC Snatch Conditioning
-TSC Snatch Conditioning + TSC Deadlift
-SFG I Snatch Test Conditioning
-General Conditioning
-Strict Kettlebell Press and Conditioning
-Hardstyle Clean and Jerk Long Cycle

If you are interested, please email your choice of
program You will
then be randomly assigned to a protocol within the

Thank you.

Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman, StrongFirst” 

I’m passing this on to you in case you’re interested
in any of those sorts of things.

But please, don’t sign up if you’re only interested
in “trying something out.”

He’s looking for people who will commit.

Also, I’ve seen these protocols.

You need to be healthy – that is – injury free to do

So no “-itis’s” or whatever.

Clean bill of health only.

Ok, that’s it.

If you’re interested, send an email to Craig at
the email above.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Talk soon.


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