FROM: The Top Secret KB Underground Hideout


(Looks over both shoulders)

Hello my kettlebell friend – Captain Complex here.

I’m holding down the “Kettlebell Secrets” fort from
my top secret underground hideout deep in the heart
of XXXXXXXXXXX as a “favor” to Geoff while he’s away
for the weekend at the RKC.

He told me I could give you some valuable kettlebell
training tips today or some nonsense like that.


I scoff at his “valuable training tips”!

You want “value” my friend?

Then how about this “bang for your buck” –

Do kettlebell complexes!

What are they?


They’re a fast and time-efficient way to get your
workouts done without screwing off, screwing around,
or screwing up.

There’s no thinking, contemplating, or wishing involved
cause you’re too busy sucking wind, catching your breath
and trying to get rid of the lactic acid in all your

Why would you ever want to do something that sounds as
miserable as that?

Because it’s a great way to see phenomenal results in a
short period of time that’s why!

Don’t overthink it – just pick up you KB and do 4 or 5
exercises in a row without putting the KB down. Make sure
you do ALL the reps for one exercise before moving on to
the next.

Here’s a sample for you – do it today. As soon as your
done reading this email. Just pull your KB out from under
your desk and get it done.

Before lunch preferably. No excuses.

1H Swing x5, then
Clean x5, then
Press x5, then
Front Squat x5, then
Snatch x5, then,

Do the other side!

That’s right – no rest!

Rest is for the weak.

But just in case, you can have some – start with twice as
much as you worked. That means you need to time yourself.

Work up to 5 sets.

That’s just an appetizer.

Here are some other complexes that Geoff stole from
me starting on p.45.

(Don’t worry, I’m plotting my revenge…)

Now go get that workout done.

Or Else…

Captain Complex

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