Frustrated With Your Lack Of Progress? (Don’t Look Behind The Curtain.)

If you read the news, watch the talk shows, read the tabloid headlines at the checkout in the grocery store, see facebook ads, or are even on other emails lists, you’d think that there is a “secret” –

“One little trick” that you’d need to do –

And ONLY this little trick and suddenly –


All your excess body fat would just magically disappear.

Here’s the deal:

It’s all a SCAM.

Yeah, I said it.


It doesn’t matter if you “just” drink hot water with lemon right before your meal.

It doesn’t matter if you “only” eat carbs for breakfast.

It doesn’t matter if you take that chitosan pill that “traps” fat so you don’t absorb it and it passes through your  digestive system.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t eat after 6pm.

And it sure as heck doesn’t matter that Dr. Oz is pimping raspberry ketones, green coffee bean extract, or whatever the latest pill or “supplement” of month seems to be.

There’s only ONE thing that matters.

And if you pull back the hype-y marketing curtain, you’ll find that this “one” thing –

(Durn – even that sounds hype-y now that I’m re-reading what I just wrote.)

Is THE thing that gets you results.

Problem is –

You can’t package it in pill form.

You can’t drink it twice a day.

And you can’t rub on your “stubborn parts.”


What is it?

Yeah, what a let down.

What a bummer.

You thought it was going to be something “new” and “sexy” maybe?

Here’s the thing –

If you’re currently not consistent, then guess what?

It IS new to you!

Don’t just take my word for it though.

There’s 20 years of research to back this up.

Go here to see how you use it to get the results you’ve been longing for.

Talk soon.


PS – One more thing –

You need to be consistent in doing the RIGHT things, not the wrong things.

For example –

If you’re consistently NOT working out – that’d be one of the things keeping you from seeing results.

If you’re consistently eating junk food, or engaging in emotional eating, that will keep you from losing fat.

If you’re consistently starting, stopping, starting, and stopping anything –

Once again –

No results.

At least not positive ones.

Make sense?

I know that you know that it does.

How do you fix that?


Go here.

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