Full Body Reset In Less Than 10 Minutes

You don’t have to do this – it’s completely up to you.

Of course, it requires a small measure of “faith” to believe
that practicing – not even perfectly mind you – this and 4
other resets will:

– Increase your strength levels at a faster than normal
rate so you can recapture your old performance levels
or exceed your current levels
– Tie your body together making you more flexible and
mobile, removing your body’s “parking brakes” so you
can move almost effortlessly again
– Improve your conditioning levels without leaving feeling
beaten down
– Improve focus, concentration, and cognitive performance,
making you smarter and able to get more work done in
the same or less time
– Remove all the old aches, pains, and “ow-ies”

Here’s what you do:

It’s called Rocking and it’s a fantastic way to grease open
your hips and ankles while tying them together with your
shoulders with your abs:

1. Get down on all on your hands and knees – you may
need some padding for your knees.
2. Lift your head up and look straight ahead
3. Rock back and forth shifting your weight between
your hands and your knees.
4. Do the best you can to maintain the natural arch in
your lower back, so it doesn’t round.
5. Rock back and forth about 10 to 20 times and breathe

That’s it.

It’ll take you one, maybe two minutes to do.

This and 4 others are all in my new book, Original Strength,
co-written with my good buddy, Tim Anderson.

No pressure, no hype, just feeling and moving better
with 5-10 minutes of these 5 resets each day.

Grab a copy of here on amazon.com.

I’ll be doing them later this morning before we start up
for the Boston SFG.

I’ve been doing them for the last 3 years and I’ve recaptured
strength levels I haven’t seen in the last 15 years – since my
mid-20s – and my mobility and ability to move is better than

I am certainly not unique – you can do this too – easily.

With way less effort than anything else you’ve ever done.

Like I said, you don’t have to do these, but when something’s
this simple and this easy, why wouldn’t you?

Grab your copy today and change your life for the better
with these 5 resets.

Gotta run.


P.S. Lots of people are asking how Original Strength is
different from Becoming Bulletproof.

Here’s what Tim said:

Original Strength is the cummulation of the ideas and concepts
presented in Becoming Bulletproof and Pressing Reset as well
as some of the ideas we present in our workshops. There’s also
a new reset in OS that is not included in BB or PR. Many of the
ideas and resets have been expanded as a result of what we have
learned from the last 2 years of putting this all in practice. We
are also introducing new ideas and information that we have
found to be true. The heart of Original Strength is still the same:
you were not made to be broken. You were made to move well
and you were made to be able to enjoy your life. Original Strength
simply seeks to reveal how simple and easy it can be to regain,
restore and reclaim your body.

Grab your copy here.

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