[FULL KB PROGRAM INSIDE] Boost Your Power With These Workouts

Hopefully you got a chance to put those 3 Sneaky
Swing Power Tactics to the test yesterday.

I’ve been working on my Swing a little bit lately
and when I switched over to Snatches last night –
they just FLEW right up.

The cool part was I was barely even breathing

Anyway, here’s a FULL PROGRAM you can use to
develop your Swing Power – as well as your total
body power – and maybe even lean out a little too.

(Heck, who couldn’t use that as a nice little
side-effect? “No thank you, I’m lean enough…”
As if…)
“Swing Season 2.” (from “Kettlebell Express!”)

The Swing, said Steve Maxwell, former Sr RKC
and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu World Champ, when performed
correctly, is better than 95% of all other exercises
for superior strength and conditioning. So why fight
it? Go with one of the “biggest bang for your buck”
exercises there is.

Swing Season 2.

2 Hand Swings – 20 minutes each day, 3 days per week.
Total time commitment: 60 minutes per week.
Total Number of Workouts: 26.

Use a medium-sized kettlebell.

Workouts 1-3: Work 20 seconds. Rest 40 seconds.
Workouts 4-6: Work 25 seconds. Rest 35 seconds.
Workouts 7-9: Work 30 seconds. Rest 30 seconds.
Workouts 10-12: Work 20 seconds. Rest 40 seconds.
Workouts 13-15: Work 30 seconds. Rest 30 seconds.
Workouts 16-18: Work 35 seconds. Rest 25 seconds.
Workouts 19-21: Work 40 seconds. Rest 20 seconds.
Workouts 22-24: Work 25 seconds. Rest 35 seconds.
Workouts 25-26: Work 30 seconds. Rest 30 seconds.

Why’s this work?

Why’s this develop more Swing Power?

Because you’re doing more work in the same period of
time each workout – 20 minutes.

And that’s one of the definitions of power – more
work in same or less time.

Also your grooving a lot of reps on the Swing each
week with this program so if you use one of the
tactics I shared with you yesterday, you’ll see
spectacular results.

Ride this program hard and stand back in amazement
at what a little “simplicity” in your programming
can do for your Swing Power.



P.S. If you liked the simplicity of that Swing
program, which “only” takes an hour a week, then
you’ll also like the other 48 programs like it in
“Kettlebell Express!” Click here to get a copy.

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