FW: 2 Reasons You’re Not Seeing Faster Progress

Workouts are funny things.

We think they live in a vacuum.

They don’t.

Their outcomes – the results we
want – are highly dependent on us.

And there are two reasons you’re
not seeing faster progress –

1. Recovery.

Yup – that’s a BIGGIE that virtually
no one ever considers.

REMEMBER this – It’s not how much
work you do, it’s how much you can
recover from.

If you’re not making progress fast
enough – there’s a good chance you’re
not recovering enough between workouts.

Which leads me to the second reason
you’re not seeing faster progress –


Your body adapts because of the
stresses you place on it.


It also FAILS TO ADAPT the way you
want it to – i.e. stronger and
leaner – when there’s too much

How do you know if STRESS is killing
your progress?

I go into great detail over on the

Check it out.

Talk soon.


P.S. If you’ve been struggling to
burn off fat but can’t – one of the
reasons is probably that you’re under
too much stress.

Read more about it here.

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