FW: “Really? Idiotic Statement And Pure Bullsh*T.”

Sorry for the crass subject line today but I just
had to share that with you.

That was just one of the many responses I got from
yesterday’s email on stretching.

Seemed I touched a nerve with this individual.

I also had quite a few questions regarding the
controversial blog post I wrote yesterday.

(Here it is if you missed it.)

Look, the bottom line on stretching is this:

If you want to do it, fine. Just know why you’re
really doing it.

Here are some reasons you might want to stretch,
or at least stretch as we know it:

1. Decrease sympathetic tone and reduce tension
and anxiety and facilitate restoration. Yoga would
be a good example of this.

2. To train for sports that require extreme ranges
of motion – like a gymnast who has to do the

3. To increase blood flow to muscle groups before
training, as in dynamic stretching.

Other than that, those 3, there really are no
other reasons to stretch as I see it.

(There are definitely better ways to accomplish
#1 and #3 though.)

And definitely not to increase muscle length or
something or alleviate site specific tightness or
to correct muscular imbalances.

I know A LOT of people would (and do) disagree with

That’s ok, I’m cool with that.

But if the idea of learning a faster, easier, and
more importantly – SIMPLER way to recapture your
movement, alleviate tightness, and eradicate
movement dysfunctions sounds appealing to you –

Then make sure you reserve your spot at the upcoming
“Becoming Bulletproof” workshop.


Here’s what else you’ll learn:

– Breathing – why crocodile breathing is not the best
place or position to “learn” how to diaphragmatically
breathe and what is…

– Reflexive Core Stability – how babies train their
abs and how we can mimic this to ensure we have a
truly strong core (And how to make this progressively
harder just like a baby does)…

– Rolling Patterns – you may be doing them, but do
you know what you need to do BEFORE you do them? My
son showed me and I’ll show you…

– How to overcome the fear of “cervical hyperextension”
and why you need to be able to extend your neck,
despite what some of the experts are saying (And why
when you learn how to do this correctly you can toss
out many of the other drills you need to “fix” your other

– What the true “head position” is for “training and
what we’ve forgotten that we did as infants and

– How your head is tied to your core – and how to
train your core with this new information…

– How to instantly fire up your vestibular system
from one simple, easy (and lazy) drill for immediate
gains in strength and mobility…

– Learn the importance of head control: Forget
thinking about the “long/tall spine” concept – here’s
how to achieve it automatically and effortlessly
without feeling like an idiot in the process…

– And A TON more…

At the end of the day, you won’t believe how good
you feel, how well you move, and most importantly,
how simple this information is to implement into
your daily routine to start making gargantuan gains
in all areas of your physical performance.

(Yes, I know, “gargantuan” may seem like an
exaggeration, but at 40 I’m so much stronger in
so many different ways than I was at 20 or 30 and
I’m making PRs now that I didn’t or couldn’t make
back then! So it’s “gargantuan” to me! LOL!)

Unfortunately, spaces are limited, and are filling
up fast, so if you’re interested, reserve your spot
today. (We just had a group of 4 sign up from CA.)


See you soon.

Oh, in the meantime, if you’re wondering what the
heck this is all about, check out this video:

Just doing the drill we learn in it will make a
huge difference in the rest of your day.

Check it out.

Gotta run.


P.S. Almost forgot – I got several emails about the
warm ups in my programs and whether or not you should
do them, since some “stretching” is involved in them.

The answer is, “YES.”


Because they were all designed with the “Becoming
Bulletproof” concepts in mind – on their principles –
without actually giving away the BB material, which
was actually being developed and field tested at the
time I wrote those warm ups.

If you found the info in this email helpful, feel free to
forward it to a friend or loved one. www.kettlebellsecrets.com

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