FW: The Only Thing Worse Than Boring Workouts

You know the only thing worse
than boring workouts?

The same old boring workouts
over and over and over again.

Sometimes you just don’t get
results because you’re bored.

You need some extra motivation.

Maybe you need a break from your


I know, I know – hard to believe
I just wrote that.

But I’ve been making great strides
with bodyweight workouts.

You can too – and even make your
kettlebell training stronger.

I lack creativity in my workouts.
If I wasn’t ok with that, I’d do
these bodyweight workouts and
not only not be bored -

I’d start getting results again.

Check them out.

Talk soon.


P.S. There’s a lot more to
bodyweight exercises than the
usual boring exercises. Like
these for example.

P.P.S Almost forgot – since
I’ve been doing bodyweight only
exercises, I’ve “accidentally”
dropped another 5lbs. It could
happen to you too when you do

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