FWD: From Dan John – “Stunned Into Action”

So I’ve been pimpin’ the H-E-double-hockey-sticks
out of “Becoming Bulletproof” over the past week or
so for the sole reason that it’s simple and it works.

(Ok, that’s not really a “sole” reason – it’s actually
two but you get my point…)

You can use it today and see results immediately.

In pretty much anything physical you want to do.

(BOLD claim, I know, but certainly not without

Monday, I shared with you Karen’s story, which if you
haven’t read yet, shame, shame on you! (Kidding…
sort of…) You should because she is an inspiration.

And her results with BB are phenomenal.

But I’m guessing you would probably want to know
what an expert thinks about it.

So, here’s Dan John, uber-strength coach and Master
RKC’s experience with “Becoming Bulletproof”:

“One of the signs that “things had gone terribly,
terribly wrong” for me was simply when I tried to
do Tim’s simple reset workouts.

Now, this will sound odd as I recommend, without
reservation or hesitation, Tim’s work. My left left
had gotten to the point that the amount of degeneration
(actually necrosis) in the hip that I couldn’t do the
“Cross Crawl” at any level. Literally, it stunned me
into action and I decided, grudgingly, to go to a
specialist. Within a week, I was under the gas mask
and had IV lines in my wrist for a total hip replacement.

Now, what’s the point?

My “cure” for the surgery, the bulk of my rehab, has been
taking Tim’s solid advice: I starting “rocking” as soon
as I could and attempted my first cross crawl with enough
tubes coming in and out of me to make walking impossible.
For the record, I got close. Soon, crosscrawling and walking
with my body tuned to crosscrawling became my rehab. Now,
just a few months after surgery, I still marvel at the
joy of movement and the simplicity of using Tim’s simple
movements to wake up my body.

I’m not a big fan of some of the junk we see today with
training, but I find Tim’s approach so refreshing: we
are going to work with some basic patterns, a few
pumping motions then express those movements “bigger
and bigger.” It’s a simple approach and the rewards
are amazing.”

Yeah, I was blown away by that too.

And yes, you read that correctly, the bulk of Dan’s rehab
from his hip replacement surgery was based on “Becoming

In the next couple of days I’ll be sharing with you how
you can get some “hands-on” “Becoming Bulletproof”
experience to simplify and accelerate your warm ups,
your mobility work, your pre-hab, and literally fortify
your body with this simple, easy-to-use stuff.

Until then, go back and read Dan’s words again – cause
they’re that powerful.

Talk soon.


P.S. I’ve gotten quite a few emails from people saying that
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