Gaining The Strength To Live Life To It’s Fullest

Excuse me while I “wax poetic” today.

I took the weekend off – a full 3 days. Not sure when
the last time I did that was.

And it was great.

Got a lot of family time.

In essence, I got to do what I truly wanted to do and
what my life is all about – be with my family.

And that’s the very best thing about KB workouts –

Not just any KB workouts, but doubles.

I talked to Andrei, one of my customers who’s become
one of my friends, when we were at the OS workshop
in Waterbury.

He said something along the lines of, “I love “Kettlebell
STRONG!.” Ten minutes of Clean + Presses and I’m done.
What more is there? I feel great and it’s so simple.
And I get on with life.”

(That’s a rough paraphrase.)

What struck me is that he did something to help him
get even more of the “STRONG!” program – he put a time
limit on it.

He turned it into a density protocol right from the


Because it fit his lifestyle.

No, scratch that – it AMPLIFIED his lifestyle.

His goal was to get everything done in 10 minutes.


Cause that’s all he WANTED to do.

He’s using a pair of KBs to augment all the other
stuff he’s doing – which he calls life. He no longer
has the need for the complex. It interferes and get
in the way of what he’s trying to accomplish in
other areas.

And that’s the beauty of double KB work –

It’s pure minimalism at its best.

Sure, you could do other work, more work, but to what
end? Just to do more work? Because you think that
by somehow doing more in an already overcrowded, over-
stressed life is somehow going to yield better results?

It’s not.

And that’s one of the very best realizations for using a
pair of KBs –

They don’t interfere with life – they augment it.

Working out no longer becomes a chore – but a pleasure –
because there’s so much energy, vitality, strength, and
stamina to be gained from using “simple” protocols from
double KB work.

They give back to you, not take from you.

And the best part is that when you follow the “right”
double KB protocols – you can change your life and make
it the one you’ve been dreaming about.

Of course that kind of statement always comes with a
hefty dose of skepticism by doubters and those stuck in
a rut so don’t take my words for it – check out what Mike
had to say –

Thanks, Mike – and a big congratulations to you and all
your successes.

If you want to “be like Mike” do yourself a big ol’ favor:

Grab yourself a copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” here and
experience the pure minimalism of double KB training and
start chasing down the life you truly desire.

You’re only here once – why not make the most of it?

Talk soon.


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