Get A Good Workout In Only 5 Minutes?



Sounds like some scammy late night info-mercial for some
fancy abz-gadget.

It’s not.

I do 5 minute workouts all the time.

For example – I’ll do 2-5 sets of Pull Ups or Dips
in 5 minutes, depending on what I’m focusing on.

Or maybe I’ll do some Swings or Snatches.

The secret to success is how you set it up.

And no, I’m not talking about some lame “Tabata-esque”

(Don’t get me started on that – most people couldn’t
handle the REAL “Tabata Protocol” – there’s a reason
it was only 4 minutes long… There’s a way to do it,
it’s just most people don’t know how. More on that
some other time…)

For strength work, simply choose a total rep (volume)
range and get it done.

Same thing for conditioning.

I really like the “on-the-minute” protocol.

If you’re familiar with any of my programs you know
that I use that a lot.


Cause it works.

And it works GREAT.

There’s a secret to doing it though.

The key is to be very incremental in your set up.

… Make small changes at just the right times…

… Like I do inside the “One” program from “Kettlebell

It’s called the “One” program, because as I explained
to the RKC class in Vienna, VA, 2011, if you could
ONLY do one exercise with one protocol – this would be

It uses the Double Swing – and trust me – you like
that RKC class will agree – when you can do this protocol
with a pair of 48s as a man or a pair of 24s as a woman –
there really isn’t anything you can’t do

Think about it:

Swing a pair of 48kgs (or 24s) chest high for 10 minutes.

I think you’d agree with me that you’d be both very


However, I must admit, there’s a “problem” with the
“One” program:

It’s too hard.

Very few people can complete it as it’s written when
first starting out – which is as a 10 minute program.

(Think about that for a minute: Imagine “only” working
out 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week… That’s free up
some time and make life easier.)

That’s why I made some modifications for it.

Two actually.

I had to go back in and “make” people slow down and
start with “only” 5 minutes of the “One.”


Yep, still that powerful.

You’ll be amazed at what 15 minutes a week – think about
that – 5 minutes a day – 3 times a week – of “just” the
Modified “One” program. (Two variations for you to choose

And it comes as a Bonus when you order your copy of
“Kettlebell STRONG!” today.

This type of program is perfect for this time of year.

It’s short.

It’s relatively hard.

And it takes very little mental RAM to get it done because,
hey, it’s JUST 5 minutes and it’s ONLY swings.

The investment is minimal, the payoff is huge.

Just think of how strong and how well conditioned you’d
be if you could swing a pair of 48s for 10 minutes.

Pretty strong and pretty stinkin’ conditioned I’d bet. :-)

Start with the 5 minute “One” program here.

Talk soon.


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