Getting Back To Reality – KB Style

Sorry I missed getting something out to you yesterday – 
We got in Monday night at about 930pm local time and I
had been on the road since 1030pm the day before local
time. So I was pretty tired yesterday. 
And we just needed to get life going again.
That’s what I wanted to talk about today – getting life
going again.
Summer, for all intents and purposes, is over. (Thank you
Labor Day.)
Kids are back in school. And the days are getting slowly
getting shorter. And the bathing suit gets put away until
Spring Break or Memorial Day.
It’s time to buckle down and get back to “normal” life.
For many of us, summer is a time to “kick back” and “relax”
with our training. 
For example, the month of August was “catch as catch can”
for me and my training. I knew it was going to be so I planned
June and July accordingly. (I wrote about this last week.)
The temptation we all face is to keep the summertime 
workout – or lack of working out – as part of our “normal” 
Big mistake.
Life is seasonal.
It’s only natural to take it easy and play when the sun is out
and the days are long.
But then you have to get back to work.
Because is the “take-it-easy” lifestyle we keep during the 
summer crept into the rest of our lives, progress would be 
minimal at best, and nonexistent at worst.
So what do we – what do you do next?
What’s your plan for the fall?
Mine’s really simple.
Get as strong as possible on the lifts I’m focusing on while 
remaining as lean as possible.
That’s it.
How about you?
Do you have a plan yet?
If you don’t, I suggest you get one pronto.
Because if you don’t, you’re apt to keep bobbing on the 
sea of uncertainty being blown and tossed around by 
the winds of doubt.
And before you know it, any gains you made will soon
be gone.
So here’s a plan you can use to get yourself back on
1. Train for strength first.
2. Then train for work capacity or hypertrophy.
3. Then train for fat loss.
Rinse and repeat.
How long should you spend in each phase?
As long as you want, based on your desires.
My suggestion is no more than 12 weeks in each phase. 
That’s approximately a year, in case you’re wondering.
That sounds like a long time, right? 
But you plan on living a lot longer than just the next year, 
I certainly hope so. :-)
So the key to success with your KB workouts is to not only
plan for the short term, but more importantly, the long term.
Coincidentally, if you want to use a pair of KBs to get in
your best shape ever, I’ve outlined up to 36 weeks of KB
training addressing each of those areas – strength, work
capacity/hypertrophy, and fat loss inside “Kettlebell STRONG!”.
The best part about “Kettlebell STRONG!” is that you can
“rinse and repeat” for as long as you want.
Spend the next 6 months on “Kettlebell STRONG!” and
you’ll be in the perfect position for Spring Break or Memorial
Day Weekend 2015.
Get your copy here.
Talk soon.

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