“Going By Feel” – Bad Idea Or Russian Weightlifting Champ’s “Secret?”

Even when I was a young meathead, I always took
my workouts – my training – seriously.

Everything was always planned out in advance –




Rest periods.

All of it.

Weeks, sometimes months in advance.

I could never figure out why guys would reply “I feel like
doing ______ (fill in the blank)…” when I asked them
what they were training.

They felt like doing arms… shoulders… chest… abs…

Funny how no one ever felt like doing squats.

Anyway, it also explained why these were the same
guys who never got any stronger…

Never got any bigger…

And only showed up in the gym during certain times
of the year –

Like just before Spring Break.

Going by feel just doesn’t work.

Except in one instance.

It was “funny” – this is something I’ve always done, but
never really heard too much about in the circles in which
I travel – even the KB world.

In fact, some coaches even say this flat out doesn’t matter.

I’m a big “feeler” when I lift.

And no, it’s not my inner bodybuilder either. LOL.

For example, there’s a certain “sensation” I have
to feel in my set up for my kettlebell ballistics
before I rip them from the floor.

And it turns out the the 2005 105kg weightlifting world
champ, and 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist, Dmitry
Klokov does the same thing.

In a recent video series he was in, he had a group of non-
pro, average Joe western weightlifters to a camp in

In one part of one particular video, he had the lifters hold
certain positions in their lifts until they could feel their
muscles “turn on” – or work.

Then he had them complete the lift.

Almost every single lifter made his lifts.

Back to that sensation I look for –

(You should look for this too.)

I want to feel all the muscles down the back side of
my body get short and tight – from the base of my
skull down to my heels.

(I also am looking for a very specific sensation in my
feet – it tells me where my mass is centered and
whether it’s going to be an easy lift or not.)

This tells me that my posterior chain is maximally
loaded and those KBs are gonna fly up into whatever
I decide to do with them – swing, clean, or snatch.

By doing this one simple thing – “going by feel” –

I’m able to generate more power per rep.

And more power equals more strength.

And more strength equals, well – besides getting
stronger – more work done.

And that means faster results.

If you’re serious about your kettlebell workouts then
you need to employ these types of advanced techniques
to maximize your results and make your training
more efficient.

You can find more (lots more) advanced kettlebell
technique ideas in my 3.5+ hour, 2 DVD set (and book),

“Kettlebell STRONG!”.

It’s for serious kettlebell trainees only.

Get your copy here.

Talk soon.


P.S. As great as the DVDs are, nothing beats learning
in a live, hands-on environment – kinda like those lifters
did with Klokov.

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