Gold Nugget Training Tip From Olympic Champ (Inside)

So I just finished watching some of the Track & Field

Amazing stuff.

The Men’s 110m Hurdles Gold Medalist, Aries Merritt,
was asked how he won and had such a spectacular

Here’s what he’s done this year, which apparently was
a VERY big year:

– 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist
– 2012 US Olympic Trials Champion
– 2012 World Indoor Champion
– 2012 USA Indoor Champion

So getting back to his strategy for domination:

He changed his start leg.

That’s “it.”

What that meant was he had to – and here’s the Gold
Nugget –

Train his weaknesses.

He had to increase his strength, power, and stamina in
his non-dominant leg.

And he spent 8 months doing it.

The results speak for themselves.

For many of us, our biggest weakness is consistency.

We’re easily distracted.

What kind of gold medal performance could you achieve
if you just stuck with a program based on your weaknesses?

You know, maintained your strengths and really dug down
deep and fortified all your weak points until you had zero
weaknesses left?

You know – strong all over?

Most people don’t have the guts or determination to train for
or win a gold medal – or any medal.

Most people are happy being stuck on mediocre.

If that’s you – stuck on mediocre, then this isn’t for you.

However, if you are ready to reach for your very own gold,
and experience personal triumph, then check this out:

Talk soon.


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