[GUYS] – Last Minute Valentine’s Day Rescue

I don’t know about you – I HATE Valentine’s Day.

What a contrived holiday designed (probably by Hallmark) to empty out your wallet and make you feel guilty.

I thought I had found the perfect woman when I met my wife:

+ She was a jock who didn’t mind getting sweaty
+ She could match me slice for slice when eating pizza
+ She wasn’t overly concerned about her appearance


++ She coulda cared less about Valentine’s Day!

Wasn’t interested in celebrating it – like me – she thought it was contrived.

I thought I had it made in the shade!

Well imagine my shock, horror, and even downright disgust when during our first year of marriage she pulled the rug out under my feet –

And was incensed when I didn’t have anything for her for Valentine’s Day!



It was a snowjob.

A Conjob.

A bait and switch!


I finally capitulated…

Gave in…

And either the 2nd or 3rd year of our marriage, I relented.

She came home from school to find the lights dimmed, candles on the table with a dozen red roses –

And a fancy salmon dinner –


She was amazed.



And you know what?

Practically every year since, she’s reminded me of that fateful night.

This year?

Roses. A card. And something else, in case she’s reading this email. (She does occasionally.)


I won’t be around tomorrow night to celebrate as I have a prior engagement.

So I can still surprise her.

And it’s not too late to surprise your wife or girlfriend too if you feel less than adequate with your [predictable] box of heart shaped chocolates.

(Whoa – bet no one’s ever thought of that before…LOL)

And yes, I realize, that like me, if you’re married, you told your wife at the altar that you love her.

That should be good enough. ;-)

What women really want is to be appreciated – cared for.

To be made to feel special – and here’s the important part my man – so pay attention –

For who she is – with no strings attached.

(You catch my drift here? No expectations from her or favors in return for “caring for” her.)

And one of the absolute best ways to show her that is to spend your time and treasure on her doing something nice and romantic for her.

Nothing says that you care for her like cooking her a nice, romantic dinner.

Problem is –

What do you cook for her?

We’re not talking about Mac N Cheese here or ordering a pizza or something like that.

Good News for us is my buddy Dave sent me a copy of his new cookbook.

It’s not just any cookbook…

It’s a cookbook for guys like you and me.

Guys who may not be the best in the kitchen but still want to impress their women with their best efforts.

It’s called, The Gentleman’s Cookbook, which is exactly what our women, our ladies, want us to be on Valentine’s Day.


So, if you’re at a loss, check out The Gentleman’s Cookbook here.

Included are:

[+] 12 Savory + sweet soups, like Spicy Cod Chowder and Creamy Tomato + Basil Soup (I can definitely “cook” that!)…

[+] 16 Gourmet Starters, like Steak Tartar and Low Fat Prawn Cocktail…

[+] 32 Main Courses, like Scallops Puttanesca and Thai Red Curry (my wife LOVES scallops)…

[+] 12 Healthy Desserts, like Strawberry Pot and Chocolate Almond Tarts…

The best part?

These recipes actually look DOABLE.

I can actually see myself cooking one of these for my wife.

Apart from obviously giving you the ingredients, Dave and his partner in “cooking capers,” Liam actually give you realistic prep times.

Like I said, I’m out of town tomorrow and next weekend I’m teaching.

However, when I get back, I’m going to whip up one of these meals for my wife.

(Just have to check with the babysitter.)

After 17 years, it’s not about “scoring points” anymore.

It’s about truly letting my wife know that I love and appreciate her.

This is going to be just the ticket.

Get your copy of The Gentleman’s Cookbook here.

Be Strong.


PS – Honestly, I can’t believe these guys.

They’re practically giving The Gentleman’s Cookbook away.

It costs less than than the dozen roses I got for my wife yesterday (that she expected).

Best part is – this is unexpected and it won’t die, unlike the roses.

PPS – Since I’m “new” at this gourmet cooking thing, I’m going to use one of the 8 “done-for-you” menus

I can see these are going to be lifesavers. I don’t have to try and figure out which soup goes with which starter goes with which main coures…

Dave and Liam even recommend wine pairings!

(Good thing, cause I’d probably default to a good French Bordeaux…)

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