HACK #2 Of 3 – The “Round-About” Hack For Faster Fat Loss And Strength Gains

I was actually going to make a video for you with this hack
but last night didn’t go as planned.

Our son is 3.5 years old and last night, well, starting yesterday
evening, we started implementing a new style of discipline /
correction with him.

The bad news is that he screamed from about 530 until 930pm,
with a short “nap” in there, which was actually when he woke
up after being put to bed.

The good news is we saw firsthand how our old style of discipline/
correction had failed us and him.

So… No camera time because our hands were full.

And “selfishly” – I was trying to get my training in, which was
virtually impossible to get done with the distraction of all the

Ever been there?

Anyway, and “coincidentally” I called my coach to ask him about
the workout he’d written down for today.

And you know what he said?

Besides “I understand…” and “I’ve been there” (Al is like a second
father to me – he has 4 kids and innumerable grandchildren)…

He told me to focus on the “Hack” I was going to write about to
you today anyway.



But it proves the point that we ALL need coaching to help us keep
things straight.


HACK #2: Train Your Technique

With the popularity of “killer” workouts and “hardcore” programs,
and late night “Insanity” people have forgotten – or worse yet,
refuse to be educated – on the necessity of proper technique.

That’s what Alfonso told me last night.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Just work on your technique. Push as hard as you feel like and
make sure you focus on your technique no matter what. Don’t worry
about the weight or the reps. Just focus on the technique.”

Why is technique so important to seeing greater gains?

Why is it considered a “hack?”

Primarily because focusing on your technique is exactly the opposite
of what the “herd” – or what the majority of people – will do.

Remember, the herd is almost always wrong.

Think lemmings…

And you’re not one of those.

Here’s why technique is a hack.

While everyone else is huffing and puffing and sweating (and
vomiting) getting their workout done come hell or high-water,
you’re busy working on your technique.

It’s like honing the blade of your axe.

1. Because taking your time to ensure your technique is spot on will
actually allow you to move more efficiently – to perform whatever
exercise you’re working on better.

That efficiency protects you from injury.

(Lower back and shoulder injuries are very common in newbie KB

And injury is the quickest way to get sidelined from any training
program, regardless of the intent or the outcome.

2. That efficiency allows you to produce more force, which allows
you to do more work.

And more work allows you to get stronger AND burn more calories.

3. That efficiency translates into RESULTS.

Confidence breeds commitment. When you see something working,
you’re more likely to stick with it.

And commitment breeds consistency – to keep on sticking with
your workouts.

And it’s that consistency that ultimately breeds RESULTS – those
things we all say we’re looking for –

Smaller waist and love handles, firmer hips and thighs, more
muscular arms and shoulders.


95% of people will miss it or downplay it’s importance.

The question is, will you?

Remember, good enough never is, not to those who actually achieve
what they want to achieve.

Want to get leaner or stronger?

Then focus on your technique. It’s a “hack” – a not oft taken and
perceivably roundabout shortcut to results.

Based on the last 12+ years using KBs, you’ll see faster results
in fat loss and strength by using a pair of kettlebells – assuming
your technique is great on the single KB exercises.

In order to see those results, you’ll need to make sure your double
kettlebell technique is down pat.

That’s why I created “Kettlebell STRONG!” for you –

To show you the fastest, easiest, and safest technique for all of the
major double KB lifts –

– Double Swing
– Double Press
– Double Front Squat
– Double Clean
– Double Push Press
– Double Snatch
– Double Jerk
– Double High Pull
– Double Clean + Jerk

I put these techniques in a 3.5 hour 2-DVD set and an 89-page filler-
and-fluff-free book also showing you the common mistakes, how to
avoid them, and what exercises you need to do to help you not make

Get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

Back tomorrow with “HACK #3″ – which is actually a common mistake
that many KB trainees make, primarily because they don’t apply HACK

Talk then.


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