HACK #3 – Most People Are Getting This Wrong… (Rule-Breaking)

One of my very good friends went on a swing-binge a couple of years
ago as part of a fat loss challenge. He was doing 1000-1500 swings
per workout and was burning nearly as many calories.

He would do extended sets of between 50 and 100 reps.


Not my cup of tea.

For him, it was experimentation – a deep-dive into the swing as a
tool for effective fat loss.

How’d it work?

It worked great for him… Until it didn’t.

Eventually, his body got used to that volume of swings and it stopped
producing the results he wanted.

I admire his moxy – the desire to do these types of high volume

Shoot, I got tired just writing “1500 swings.”

Now, before you go out and try my buddy’s workout – keep in mind he
is a VERY ADVANCED KB lifter. He’s been swinging, snatching and what-
not since at least 2003.

So don’t attempt to do what he’s done.

You have to know the rules in order to break them – which he does.

Speaking of rules – many people haven’t even LEARNED the rules in
order to break them.

Here’s what you need to know about all the ballistic kettlebell
exercises – you know – the swing, clean, snatch, and jerk:

They are EXPLOSIVE exercises.

There’s an initial burst of energy and then the KBs move based on

And because you explode on each of these exercises, they are POWER
exercises, NOT strength exercises.

POWER = Force x velocity

Where velocity is the speed of something in a given direction.

So the faster your KB moves, the more power you produce.

Why is this important?

I’ll get to that in a moment.

First, do this:

Grab your KB and do 10 swings.

I’ll wait.


Ok, good.

How’d they feel?

Pretty easy I’m guessing, right?

Why do you think that was?

Is it because you’re used to doing swings?

Or is it because it was “only” 10 reps?

Or was it something else?

I’m guessing, if you’re like most of the people I coach or have
met at the certs or my seminars over the past number of years,
it’s something else.

And that’s ok.

Now, back to the whole “explosive” thing – you know – that thing
we both already know…

Let me ask you a question – if you were able to do those swings:

Did you put everything you had into each of those 10 swings or did
you just kinda take the bell for a ride?

If you’re like most, including me sometimes, you just took it for a

You didn’t put much effort behind your hip snap and into the bell.

Been there, done that. Especially if it’s light-ish.

Therein lies the problem:


Or lack thereof.

Recall from above that power is a measure of work.

And doing more work is how you get stronger.

Doing more work is how you burn more fat.

You don’t have to work longer – you just have to work SMARTER.

How do you do that?

That’s HACK # 3 –


Chances are better than good that you’re not like my good friend
who’d been using KBs for over 10 years.

And chances are better than good that you aren’t exploding on every
rep and therefore, you like him, are pacing yourself.

The difference is, he knew exactly why he was doing it and was using
other techniques that allowed him to keep a relatively high power output
that you’re not using. He knows the rules and how to break them.

Chances are better than good that you don’t.

(That’s OK – It doesn’t mean you hate kittens or the terrorists win or
something like that.)

So, if you’re not EXPLODING on every rep of your swing, your snatch,
your cleans, or your jerks, then quite simply, you’re wasting precious
time and holding on to stored energy which you could be either burning
off (stored body fat) or using to build strength.

So why is this a “hack?”

Quite simply because no one else is doing it.

Well, that, and it’s the fastest, “best-est” way to reach your results at
a faster than normal pace.

Everyone else is chasing the reps instead of the QUALITY of reps.

Think about this – who looks better – a sprinter or a marathon runner?

I think this one is pretty obvious, don’t you?

And who would you rather look like?

The lean muscular sprinter or the skinny, frail marathon runner?

Train your ballistics as explosively as possible and you’ll start looking
like the sprinter.

Keep “hanging on” and chasing reps, and, well, you’ll probably won’t look
like the marathon runner quite simply because you’re not working out 1 to
3 hours a day like he does.

Nope, you’ll probably just be a smaller version of your current self.

So if you’re soft, well, you’ll stay soft.

If that’s the sort of physique you want, no judgment here, go for it.

Next –

When you’ve got the whole “EXPLODE!” thing down with the Swing and the
Snatch, take your strength and leanness to the next level with the Jerk.

Learn how to do it correctly here.

Talk soon.


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