HELP! Need Help For A Friend And The Military (PLEASE READ)

Normally I wouldn’t send you 2 emails in one day
but this one is REALLY important…

Here’s the deal, from my good friend Mark Toomey –

“I need some help.

Last year, we shot some video material for a national
retailer to be included with the purchase of training sandbags.

Yesterday, I got a call from a representative of the company
who told me that due to a license expiration, the bags cannot
be shipped to the stores and are slated for destruction in the
coming month.

They would, however love to donate the bags (about 3300)
of them to military personnel.

What’s the problem?

The bags are already packaged (quite lovely I might say) in
their own individual boxes for display on retail store shelves.
They are sitting on 26 pallets, weigh 21.00 pounds, and are
stacked high enough to fill the belly of a C130.

I don’t have room for 26 pallets…if I wish to remain married.

I do have some military units that deperately want these bags, but
by the time they get the logistics for shipping approved, the bags
will be fill for $2 sofa cushions.

Here’s what I need:

A warehouse to store these in

Additional contacts within any military units you have that would
like these bags

A good divorce attorney…just in case.

Here’s what they get:

Good quality sand bags and liners

A copy of the video instruction (I waxed before the cameras rolled
and look just stunning)

So what to do you get in return?

Well, for starters, you’ll be helping my buddy out.

Second, you’ll be helping out the US Military, who unfortunately
don’t always get access to the very best physical training info.
(They’re getting better.)

And finally, here’s a shameless bribe from me – if you can help
Mark out directly – i.e. provide for his needs or put him in touch
with someone who can, email me and I’ll give you any one of my
products that you want as my way of saying ‘thanks.’ (Except
“Kettlebell Muscle” cause Dragon Door distributes that and I
don’t have the rights to do so.)

Fair enough?

Please contact Mark at .

Thanks in advance for your help.

Have a great weekend!


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