High Yield, Woefully Neglected KB Exercise = ImPressive Results

I got to thinking this morning (always dangerous) for
some reason about one of my favorite exercises.

It’s a fantastic exercise for building strength and actually
gaining some serious conditioning.

When I was a young buck just coming up in the iron game
I used to do this exercise when I didn’t even know how
to do it or what it was really called.

My gym had two sets of Eleiko 20kg bumpers (the blue
ones) and I would put them on a bar and just muscle
them up anyway possible, with great results.

After a summer of doing these my upper body strength
went through the roof – bench, military press, etc.

Not to mention that when you’re eating like a pig you’ll
also pack some muscle on doing these.

But it seems like hardly anybody ever uses it and I’m not
sure why.

Maybe it’s fear.

Maybe it just scares people because there’s a higher than
normal level of coordination involved.

Maybe it’s disregard.

Maybe it just doesn’t seem to have any perceived value
or it’s just a “transition” exercise – something that helps you
get better at another exercise.

Maybe it’s just ignorance.

Maybe people really don’t know how good this exercise
is for them and all its benefits.

I’m not sure.

Regardless, if you’re not at least practicing this exercise
you could be short-changing yourself – not getting the
results you want.

What’s this sorely neglected exercise?

Well it gets a bad rap because its groove is said to mess
up your press groove. (I’ve never experienced that.)

It strengthens your upper body, especially your triceps,
which coincidentally are responsible for locking out
your press.

It strengthens your abs because you have to pressurize,
brace, and breathe behind the shield while actually moving
more than just your arms.

And believe it or not, your legs get in on the action –

Making them stronger, especially that little muscle on the
inside of your knee – the one bodybuilders call the “tear drop”
– your Vastus medialis.

By now you may or may not have figured out that I’m
talking about the Mighty Push Press.

And it is an EXTREMELY POWERFUL exercise when used

How do you use it correctly?

By understanding that the Push Press will be fantastic
exercise to –

1) increase your press by boosting your strength in the

2) prepare you to jerk, should you choose to do so

It teaches you timing, rhythm, and coordination to get the
bells off your chest and floating in the air – to create the
space to drop underneath them.

There are however some key mistakes that you need to
avoid. And funnily enough, pretty much everybody makes
them at some point or another.

I cover them on p.51 of “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

Inside you’ll also learn my two foolproof cues for getting
your timing correct and getting your KBs to float right up
over your head almost effortlessly (p.49).

You’ll also learn the two different ways to return the bells
to the rack (p.49).

And here’s the best part of all –

You can actually substitute the Push Press for the Press
in the “STRONG!” program if you should so choose.

Just cycle through the Push Press (make sure you at
least practice some light Presses on your “off” days –
light being the key word – practicing the techniques you
learn in the video) –

… and then cycle back through and use the same sized
KBs but with the Press instead. It’s a really simple method
for getting a lot of mileage out of your KBs, especially the
heavy pairs.

Grab your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” today.

Talk soon.


P.S. To this day still, when I include the Push Press in
my programming, my pressing strength goes up.
Because of the “systemic overload.”
Using bells that are heavier than you can press makes
your whole body stronger, not just your pressing muscles.
Yeah, they get stronger too – but the key point is that your
whole body gets stronger – which means everything else -
including your conditioning – gets easier.
Pretty good trade off I’d say…
Do I always include the Push Press in my programming?
Not always.
I had to take a couple of years off from doing them
because of my hips – I had to get my body working again.
I’ve only just started doing them again and I must say,
I’m really liking the results.
They’re imPressive. ;-)

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