“How Can I Eat Lots Of Carbs And STILL Lose Fat?”

After last night’s workout I was famished. Squats do that
to me. Make me want to eat everything in sight.

Unfortunately, dinner was decidedly lower carb than I
needed. A little bit of rice, a little bit of beans.

So after I put our son to bed I went to the ol’ Kings
Soopers (yeah, I know, weird name for a grocery
store) and got some of this:


Honey Bunches of Oats.

My favorite cereal.


And I ate almost the whole box.



Here’s the thing:

Carbs help you recover from your workouts.

They’re also protein sparing, which means, they help
preserve your lean muscle mass, which is critically important
when you’re dieting.

Here’s what else most people don’t know:

Carbs also help you lose fat – and sometimes quickly.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they go
on a fat loss program is they remove all their carbs.

They go pure “Atkins” or pure “Paleo.”

(Interesting side-note here: A couple of years ago, my wife
went on one of those “Paleo” plans that was supposed to
“reset” your hormones and jump start your fat loss – her
idea not mine. One of those no-carb / “carbs are of the devil”

The result?

She ended up gaining close to 10 pounds! She was NOT
a happy camper!)

Yes, you can remove your carbs in order to jump start
or accelerate your fat loss efforts, but you must be very
strategic about it otherwise you can literally shut down your
fat loss.

So there’s a time and a place for no-carb/low-carb, but
it’s not all the time.

Here’s something else:

You can actually eat A LOT of carbs and still lose fat -

LOTS of fat.

And when you do this, and match your carb intake to
your KB workouts –

Magic happens.

(Not rabbits out of a hat or a woman being sawn in two kind
of magic…)

You will accelerate your fat loss beyond what is average
or even normal.

It all has to do with timing.

This is exactly why people lose such large amounts of
fat using “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!.”

They actually get to eat large amounts of carbs to help
them accelerate their fat loss.

(It’s also a hormonal thing – carbs help reset the balance
between your fat-storing and fat-burning hormones.)

If you like carbs, are or have been frustrated with your
inability to eat them and still lose fat, I’ll show you exactly
how you can do it – and WIN this time.

It’s all broken down for you step-by-step inside “Kettlebell

Get your copy here and start enjoying your carbs again.

Talk soon.


P.S. Almost forgot – another thing that sabotages most
people’s fat loss along with the inappropriate carb-free
approach is –


They can be killer and completely destroy your fat loss
efforts when left unchecked.

And of course sabotage your psyche – as you are left
feeling guilty and hopeless after binging on cookies and
ice cream.

Have no fear – in “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!” I show
you why you MUST eat all your favorite foods in order
to lose fat quickly

How ’bout that?

That’s like Christmas in May – eat lots of carbs AND your
favorite foods AND lose fat at a faster than normal rate!

Thousands of others have done it – you will too.

Get your copy here.

P.P.S. Memorial Day – and that means “Beach Season” –
will be here in 2 weeks.

Are you ready?

If not, you can hack off some of that “Winter Shame”
maybe even as much as 10 pounds – in the next 2
weeks using “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!”.

Get “Winter Shame”-free here.

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