How I Blew Out My Lower Back (Don’t Make These 2 Mistakes)

Funny thing was, it didn’t really hurt at the time.

It was just a “pop.”

That was it.

I had just done my 8th rep on my deadlift. I was supposed
to do 405 for a max rep set. And I had 10 on my mind.

So I just held the bar there in my hands, wiggled a little bit
and surmised that I felt fine and did 2 more reps – because
after all, I “had” to do 10 reps.

Maybe it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t done 10 sets
of barbell snatches and 10 sets of barbell cleans. Oh yeah,
sure, they were only at 70% and were only done for sets of
2, but still…

Anyway, I decided to skip the rest of my workout – mostly
hypers and abs because although my back didn’t hurt – it
didn’t feel “right.”

Maybe you know what I mean – something just felt “off.”

So I drove home and by the time I got out of the car I felt
a little stiff – stiffer than normal anyway.

So I went to bed about the usual time and was very restless –
just couldn’t get comfortable. I woke up about 330am and
my back was sore – I couldn’t roll over. Somehow I fell back
to sleep.

When I woke up, I couldn’t move.


It’s like my body had become one stiff, rigid board.

I had to have my wife push me out of bed and I couldn’t
even pick my leg up to put my pants on.

Something was SERIOUSLY wrong.

So wrong in fact that I couldn’t BREATHE.

Not normally.

I couldn’t take a deep breath.

My diaphragm completely spasmed and my abs were
completely locked up. I couldn’t bend over, forward, or
bend in any direction.

I was screwed and I knew it.

Hard to believe that was 11 years ago.

And as a result, I’ve wasted who knows how many countless
thousands of hours (not to mention dollars) on trying to
fix myself.

I’m all good now and back to doing the things I love, but
it literally took 10 years to accomplish this.

I guess the problem was two-fold:

1. I was impatient and wanted results yesterday.

2. I was training alone – or should I say – without any

Make sure you don’t make those two mistakes.

1. Be patient and understand that training is a process.

That’s why there are programs like “Kettlebell STRONG!” –

The “Slow and Steady” phase of the “STRONG!” program
certainly require patience, but the best part is that you can
actually see the results as you go through the process -

Which is actually very important for motivation.

It’s very cool actually – you can look back and see the amount
of work you’re able to do actually DOUBLE. (Yeah, 100%
increase in your work capacity / strength. Nice!)

2. Don’t try and do your “own thing” or cobble together a
bunch of different programs to “fit your goals.”

Training is a PROCESS. And like all processes, you need
to understand how the process works.

And since more than likely you make your living doing
something other than training people and don’t have a
degree in physiology, you just have ZERO business
training yourself.

Heck, I’ve been training people for 20 years and I just
recently got back in touch with my old weightlifting coach
and he’s now training me again.


Cuz I just don’t have the time or energy or more importantly –

The OBJECTIVITY to train myself any longer. Not for what
it is I want to accomplish.

You’re the same way – to much to do, not enough time to
do it – and no objectivity. Like me, you’re most likely ruled
in many cases by your feelings or passions –

Which is how I hurt my back in the first place – because
I “felt” like I “needed” to do that set of DLs with those particular
loading parameters. (Stupid based on what I was going
through at that particular time in my life.)

So what you need is what I need – someone to PLAN
your program for you – so you can get on with your life
and do what it is that you do so well.

That’s why I created “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

So you’d have a PLAN – a program – actually multiple
programs and variations of those programs – so you can
use your KBs to get as strong and as lean as you want.

So if you’d like to hurt your back and not be able to move
for a week, keep on messing about doing your own thing.

Chances are better than good that you’re screwing something
up – heck – I’m a “pro” and I screwed up.

Maybe you’ll get “lucky” and it won’t be your back – it’ll
“just” be your shoulder or something like that.

Regardless – do yourself a favor and avoid all the wasted
time that comes from injuries.

Learn how to use your kettlebells correctly and follow a
PROVEN and PRODUCTIVE training program like the
“STRONG!” program.

Start getting the results you know you truly want – results
that you can see – like doubling your work capacity/ strength.

Get “Kettlebell STRONG!” today.

Talk soon.


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