How I Screwed Myself. (Don’t Let This Happen To You!)

Phew! Man, I’ve been working late answering the flood of
emails in my inbox about our upcoming “Becoming Bulletproof”

It’s generated WAY more interest than I ever could’ve imagined!

I’ll share some of that with you in a minute, but first I want
to tell you about a major disappointment I had yesterday.

We have to do some repair work on our house. Last month I had a
contractor come in and give us an estimate. I’d seen his work
as he renovated one of the homes in our neighborhood.

Anyway, I was dragging my feet getting other estimates and when
I finally did and got back to him – we’d lost our place in line.

Instead of getting the work done middle of this month, he filled
his roster and he couldn’t fit us in until November.

No big deal you say – but it was. It interferes with our major
short term goals and plans. All cause I dragged my feet.

So basically, I screwed myself.

I don’t want something like this to happen to you with “Becoming
Bulletproof.” So I’ll tell you exactly how you can avoid this
kind of disappointment.

But first, I just have to share with you how overwhelmed we’ve been
from the responses to “Becoming Bulletproof.”

They’re have been a wide range of emails from –

– “Excited to get the book”
– “WOW! This stuff really works!”
– “Can’t believe how simple and easy this is…”
– “My KB classes love it”
– “Are you holding workshops in ________?”
– “How does BB differ from ________?”
– “Will you be filming the regressions and selling them on
– “Will you have distance learning?”
– “How can I learn more?”

My favorite one was from a Vietnam Vet who had done a stint in
the Peace Corps telling me about his experiences in West Ghana
and his take on why BB made perfect sense to him.

And those are just the ones I can remember off the top of
my head!

Anyway, Tim and I are excited to see you in Boston on Sept 29th.

It’s your chance to answer all of those questions above for

But there’s only 24 hours left to get the Early Bird rate.

We don’t want you to miss out, so here’s your reminder – save
yourself $50 and register today.

Not only that – you’ll be ahead of the game cause you’ll know
the regressions that aren’t in the book.

That means you’ll:

– See faster results in mobility and strength
– Be able to troubleshoot anything that doesn’t make sense
for you or “work” for you
– Accelerate your students’ learning if you teach KB classes
– Be cooler than everyone else

(OK, just kidding on that last one – we can’t promise that you’ll
be any cooler than you are now.)

So don’t screw yourself out of $50 by waiting until the last minute.

Get ahead of the game and register today.

Plus, if you’re the competitive type like I am, you’ll get ahead
of everyone else who is dragging their feet on this.

So it’s a “win-win” for you. :-)

See you soon.


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