How The “Strongest” Muscle In Your Body Is Making You Weak [WEIRD]

Do you know what the strongest muscle in your body is?

Traditionally it’s thought of as either your gluteus
maxims (that’s right – your butt) or the masseter –
one of the muscles in your jaw.

And no, I’m not going to discuss how your glutes might
be neurologically inhibited by tight hip flexors or
any of that jazz cause honestly, at this point, that
stuff is pretty easy to fix.

Nope – I want to talk about something that’s, well,
kinda weird.

You’ll remember on that earlier this week we discussed
your mind and how your thoughts are responsible for
your feelings and your actions.

Recall –

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

What you believe about yourself is true.

Think you’re fat?

You’ll stay fat.

Think you’re weak?

You’ll stay weak.

But this goes one step further.

There is one muscle that can literally set the course
of your life.

Know what it is?

It’s your tongue.


What kind of hocus-pocus new age nonsense are you trying
to peddle here?


Check out this ancient wisdom – it’s about 3000 years

“From the fruit of his mouth a man’s stomach is filled;
with the harvest from his lips he is satisfied.

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those
who love it will eat its fruit.”

– Proverbs 18:20-21

Wait – isn’t that from the Bible??!!

Shock! Horror! Gasp!

Yeah, it is but don’t get your knickers in a twist – it
was only the first book ever published and the most popular
and best selling book of all time. So forget about the
“religious” aspect of it and just look at it from a
“wisdom” perspective – something sorely lacking in this
world around us today.

Anyhoo – here’s the deal:

The “fruit of your mouth” is your words.

And you can speak words of life or words of death.

And you will eat the “fruit” of those words.

What’s the fruit?


Here’s how this works:

You ever meet a negative person? You know, a real
“Debbie Downer?”

They frown. They’re sad. Everything is always going
badly for them. And you never hear anything positive
from them.

It seems like their lives are one negative self-
fulfilling prophecy after another.

And that’s because it is.

When you speak negative, your brain looks for the

It can’t help it.

It’s the way you’re wired.

It’s a place called the Reticular Activating System.

It’s like a GPS – or a servo-mechanism in a guided

You point it in the direction you want it to go and
it won’t necessarily get there in a straight line,
but it WILL get you there.

Well what’s that mean for you?


Keep an eye on the words you’re speaking because
they determine the results you get in life.

They determine the results you get with your KB training.

Don’t believe me?

Try this experiment today:

Go grab a moderately heavy KB.

Now tell yourself that it’s really heavy.

Then try to press it.

See what happens.

Then do the opposite.

Tell yourself it’s light – really light.

Then press it and see what happens.

I’m not going to tell you the results but I know what
they will be.

Anyway, the reason you are not seeing the results you
wish you had is because you are literally “speaking
death” over yourself.

It’s just like your thoughts.

In fact, the two work in conjunction with each other.

What comes out of your mouth is a pretty good indicator
of what’s going on inside you.

But the opposite is also true.

You can literally program your mind by the words you

Some call this “positive affirmation(s).”

Anyway, you can literally speak yourself strong.

You can speak yourself lean.

You can speak yourself literally into any outcome you

It’s easy.

(Catch that?)

Again, this isn’t “hocus-pocus” or “spiritual” stuff, not
in the “woo-woo” sense of the word.

Nope, it’s really a form of psychology – but you can call
it whatever you want.

All I care about is that you get it –

That you understand that reason you’re in the position
you find yourself in today –

Maybe overweight and frustrated…

Maybe weak and unfocused…

… Is partially due to your words.

And when you start to speak the right things –

That you’re lean, or strong, and being so, and getting
there is easy to do, and even enjoyable, you’ll get
there at a much faster pace than you are now.

Heck, you’ll actually get there!

Cuz right now you’re either spinning your wheels or
going in the wrong direction.

So what do you do now?

Decide that you want to be strong and lean and that
it’s not going to take that much of your time to
get there

In fact, you could literally achieve both in only
about 90 minutes a week with “Kettlebell STRONG!”

– 2 days of a week on the “STRONG!” program and
2 days a week on the the “One” program.

Don’t worry – I’ll show you how to mix the two for
optimum results. You just focus on the words that are
coming out of your mouth and the thoughts in your head.

Between the two of us, we’ll get you where you want
to go.

Talk soon.


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