How To “Cheat” On Your Diet All Weekend Long… And STILL Lose Fat.

Check this out (turn on your “enable images”):

That was the main portion of my dinner last night.

That’s about a 2.5 pound T-bone and a 1/2 pound
sirloin to go with it.

As an appetizer I had a form of thinly sliced meat
similar to prosciutto called Bresaola.

Then home-made pasta as a first course. (Two types –
truffles and mushrooms – delicious!)

And after that steak, a small portion of dessert.

And after that – bed.

Why am I telling you about what I ate?

Other than the fact you have to visit Italy if you can
because the food is out of this world and the people
are nice as can be.

Simple –

Many of us love food and can’t imagine life without
our favorite dishes.

And no amount of cajoling, “shaming,” or stupid
Flakebook memes are going to change that.

The downside is that many of us have never figured
out how to still enjoy our favorite foods and still get
rid of the extra “baggage” that has crept up over the
last umpteen years.

In fact, it’s been quite the opposite – all that favorite food
has been the cause of that extra baggage.

Until now.

Plain and simple here –

If you’re not interested in getting “ripped abs” or having
a 6-pack, or a teeny-tiny waist, but would like to
consistently knock off some of the extra pounds you’re
carrying around right now –

WITHOUT feeling like you’re neglecting yourself  –

AND – While still enjoying your favorite foods and your
“Saturday Nights out” –

Then check out my buddy Mike’s new method – a sort
of “Diet Interval” if you will –

That allows you eat what you want on the weekends
and shows you how to “tighten things up” during the
week so you can still lose fat.

Actually, he lays out an EXACT plan for eating Monday
through Sunday.

That is, IF what you’re doing now for the “food thing”
isn’t getting you the results you’re expecting.

I’ve gotta run –

It’s almost dinner time here and the post-workout meal
of eggs (which you have to see to believe – orange yolks –
SO fresh), freshly made and still warm ricotta, and Greek
yogurt has worn off.

Then it’s time to get ready for tomorrow’s Original Strength

(My bag should be here by the time we get back from

In the meantime, check out Mike’s “Diet Free Weekends”

Talk soon.


P.S. Here’s a quick Disclaimer:

Mike’s new program isn’t a rapid fat loss program so
please don’t check this out if you’re still fooling yourself
that you can lose 10 pounds in a week without doing
any work, ok?

What this is is something sensible* that you can actually
live with and enjoy
, while still losing fat on a weekly basis.
(Assuming you follow his plan.)

If that sounds like something you’ve been looking for
then check out “Diet Free Weekends” here.

*Sensible does NOT equal eating 3 pounds of beef at
a sitting like I did. I’m a “professional driver on a closed
course” and know how to manipulate my calories on a
daily basis to get a weekly result. Do not try this at home.
Don’t do drugs. Stay in school. :-)

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