How To Cure “BWS – Boring Workout Syndrome” (3 Tips)

There must be something in the air this time of year…

Maybe it’s cuz we’re about to hit the lull that signals
that the Holiday Season is upon us.

I’ve had 3 conversations in the last 48 hours with
people who were concerned about becoming bored with
or who were actually bored with their workouts.

And I’m certain they’re not alone…

For example, here’s an email I received from Michael-Scott
the other day:

“I really enjoy your emails. I’ve been struggling
with my work out routine for the last few months.
I’m not losing strength- but I am not making progress
towards my strength and weight loss goals.

When I reflect about what is stopping me from hitting
my goals the only excuse I have is: “I am bored” so I
switch up things and find myself saying “okay, this is
new, but I think I liked my old workout better.” It is
stupid circle of excuses, I realize this.

At any rate- I think a big wall people that work out
solo (like me) eventually run into is the “boredom”
and lack of accountability that working with a trainer
or others bring them. An example would be like when I
first got into KB’s my wife and I did it together and we
had lessons with Doug Nepodal every Sat. We worked out
like crazy during the week together because we knew that
if we weren’t on top of our game come Saturday- Doug would
administer a serious “butt woopin'”.

We studied with Doug for a year, got really strong, got
great at kettlebells, and then decided that we were fine
to do it on our own… Now it’s a few years later, we
have a baby and more obligations, seems like we have
lost our way and when we work out- we do it apart and
it is just to maintain what we already have.

Time to get a routine together that we can both enjoy. I
think it will help a lot.

Thanks again for your emails.”

Can you relate?

I know I can.

If so, don’t worry, here’s how you finally set yourself
free forever from your boring workouts.

1. The Entertainment Factor

Here’s the #1 mistake people who are bored with their
workouts make:

The view it as entertainment.

Workouts should in some way be “fun.”

“It’s just not ‘fun’ anymore,” I hear people complain.

Workouts don’t have to be “fun.” You should do them
for a reason – get stronger, get leaner, get better

Fun is irrelevant.

This is going to sound harsh, but I make no apologies
(I use this with myself):

If you want fun, go to a movie, go bowling, go
go-karting, but leave “fun” out of your workout –
your training.

Workouts – Training, should be GOAL oriented.

You know what’s REALLY “fun?”

Waking up in 12 weeks and looking “magically”
different because you actually followed a program.

2. Giving Up…

Notice from Michael-Scott’s email that he and
his wife had great success attending a structured
class – a program – by a professional – StrongFirst
Senior Instructor Doug Nepodal.

It worked so well for them, they quit.

Now, I’m not pointing fingers here, cause my
training logs are FILLED with these kinds of examples –
things that worked so well that I stopped doing them.

Don’t ask me why I do this – why we do this.

Perhaps we are filled with a false sense of self-

Whatever the reason, if something’s working for you,
keep doing it.

If you must change something, only change ONE thing
at a time – not the whole thing. That way you can measure
your progress – and therefore your results.

3. Finding Your Anchor

Just like an anchor keeps a ship from drifting, you
need to find a reason – THE reason – why you’re
working out.

And it’s usually pretty deep and meaningful – not

For example – I train because I’m almost 40 and I
have an 18 month old son.

I don’t want to be the “geezer dad” who can’t run, jump,
and play with my son – and hopefully, children.

I don’t want to rob him of his childhood.

It’s no longer about looking good for the beach.

Sure, I want to look great with my shirt off – who
doesn’t? But that’s not THE MAIN reason I do what I

The shirt off thing is just one of the performance
indicators that my training is or isn’t going the
way it should.

So are energy levels.

I could go on and on about this, but the point is until
you get serious – seriously introspective – and find
out WHY you want to be doing this – working out – then
you’ll always be bored.

You’ll always be bobbing around like a ship on the
ocean – “any port in the storm” as they say…

So dig – dig in deep – and find your Anchor – you’re
reason “why” you’re working out.

When you do, boring workouts will be a thing of the past.


Because you’ll have a REAL goal – something that like
the North Star – you can orient your life and training

Talk soon.


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