How To Eat CARBS And Still LOSE FAT (Part 1)

I know that might shocking, especially if you’ve been
stewed in the Paleo culture.

But I’ve been playing around with my carbohydrate
intake A LOT over the past 9 months.

Some nights, like last night, eating upwards of 200g+
of carbs – “bad” carbs, like white rice and ice cream.

Now I’m not saying you can do that every night, but
there is a time and a place for it.

In fact, after spending 10 years living the “low carb
lifestyle” I’ve been experimenting with trying to get
myself back to being able to tolerate the amount of
carbs I used to eat when I was younger –

Get this:

When I was at my all-time leanest – 3.3% bodyfat –

I was eating over a 48 hour period almost 600g of

Why can’t I eat that way now?

Well, that’s a question I’m trying to answer. I actually
believe I’ll be able to get back there again.


Well, judging on last night’s “carb-fest” I’m on my way.

But I didn’t just do this over night – I’ve been strategic
about it – using a long-term plan or point of view.

All this begs a question:

Why Are Carbs Important For Fat Loss?

There are 3 main reasons:

1. Thyroid Health

Your thyroid is your “master gland” – it’s what regulates
your metabolism – your metabolic rate – the amount or
number of calories your body burns per day.

There have been some studies that show your thyroid
needs – and wait for this – it’s kinda shocking – 125g of
carbs a day to maintain its health.

One of the problems with ultra-low carb diets is that in
the long run you can damage your thyroid.

I’m not going to get too deep into this, but side-effects
include decreased testosterone levels and increased
total cholesterol levels and increased LDL (bad
cholesterol) levels.

2. Leptin levels

Leptin is sometimes thought of as the “master hormone”
or the one that regulates all other hormones. It sends a
signal to the brain for that “full” feeling, among other

When you drop your calories, and your carbs, leptin
levels can drop by 50% in about a week. Coincidentally,
if you’ve ever been on a diet, that’s about the point when
the cravings hit.

Not only that, this 50% decrease signals your body to
stop burning fat – to actually hold it in reserve for a
future emergency situation.

3. Energy Demand
Regardless of what any of the gurus say, your body is
designed to run on – wait for it – SUGAR.

And guess what carbs are made of?


Sure, you’re body can also run on fat, but – and wait for
this – it’s a BACK UP or SURVIVAL mechanism.

That is – fueling your body SOLELY on fat – like ketosis –
or the state your body is in when you eat a low/no carb

Weird, huh?

Yeah, I thought so too when I went back and started really
looking at bioenergetics – especially the ol’ Krebs Cycle.

So how do you incorporate carbs into your diet to lose


First, you have to make sure your training is down pat.

You have to be able to actually USE the carbs that you’re
putting into your body.

We’ve talked about this before, but the absolute BEST
way is to make sure you’re recruiting your “sugar-hungry”
muscle fibers – the big ol’ Type 2b’s.

And how do you do that?


Lift HEAVY. Use tension.

And –

Lift EXPLOSIVELY. Move as fast as you can.

And how do we do this with ye olde kettlebells?

Double grinds for the “heavy” and double ballistics
for the “explosive.”

The “STRONG” program inside “Kettlebell STRONG!”
will take care of the heavy.

You start with a 4-5 rep max and do multiple sets
with it.

And the “One” program will take care of the explosive.

It’s “only” 10 minutes long – but it fits the job description.

How well do these programs work?

I was recently talking to my good friend and SFG2 instructor,
Chris Lopez.

In 10 weeks, eating whatever he wanted, including lots of
carbs, he made it to SINGLE DIGIT body fat



What do you think you could do?

Second, you have to eat the RIGHT carbs – and no, I’m
not just talking about vegetables either.

Which ones are the “right” ones?

We’ll cover that next time.

In the meantime, get your training optimized to use
carbs by getting your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!”

Talk more tomorrow.


P.S. Carbs are yummy. You know they are. The truth is
you can and should include them in your diet not only
for you health, but also to lose body fat.

Stick around for the next couple of days and we’ll cover
the best ways to maximize carb intake.

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