How To Effortlessly Improve Your Snatch Numbers

The kettlebell Snatch.

The Tsar (king) of all kettlebell lifts.

And the singular obsession of many people for many
a good reason –

1. They’re going to the RKC and they have to pass a
100 rep test in 5 minutes.

2. It’s a great exercise for hacking off unwanted body
fat. (Ok, that was redundant – is there such a thing as
“wanted” body fat? Well maybe in some cultures I

3. It’s a great conditioner of the hips, hands, heart and

And of course there are many, many more…

But I think one of the WORST ways to improve your Snatch
numbers is to “overtrain” the Snatch.

Many mistakenly think that just Snatching is all you have
to do to boost your Snatch numbers.


More often than not, that leads to Frustrationville.

So here’s 3 ways to boost your Snatch numbers without
actually training the Snatch directly.

1. Do REALLY heavy Swings.

2-handed, 1-handed, hand-to-hand. And, oh yeah, did I
say to make them heavy?

And do them for low, low reps. Like 5-10.

When you can easily Swing a Beast with 1 hand for multiple
sets of 10, you’ll be surprised how easy that lighter weight
Snatch just pops up over your head.

2. Do heavy single KB Clean and Presses.

Weird, I know. But for some, the Snatch groove is really tight
to the body, almost like a high-speed C+P.

So doing heavy C+P’s will actually carry over to your Snatch

Plus, you’re locking out heavier than normal weights over
your head.

Ok, the first two tips dealt with getting stronger. Let’s look at
one of the best ways to improve your conditioning –

3. Compress your rest periods.

Admittedly, this is also a simple way to get significantly
stronger too (I know, I just can’t help myself).

But when you compress your rest periods, you actually do
more work in less time than you’re accustomed to. This
(obviously) makes you breathe harder, and therefore improves
the conditioning of your heart and lungs.


Here’s one more way to train your Snatch – actually using the
Snatch to train itself.

4. Treat the Snatch as a strength exercise instead of a conditioning

What’s that mean?

Use a heavier weight and use low reps.

Pick a KB that’s one size heavier than you’re used to (assuming
have great technique) and do multiple sets of 1-3 or 3-5 reps
with it.

You’d be surprised what some time here will do for you.

If you’re really interested in improving your Snatch numbers,
there are a number of programs in “Kettlebell Express!” that use
all 4 methods we covered today.

All the thinking has been taken out of it though, all you gotta do is
pick your program and follow it.

And then “hey presto-bang-o” – in as little as 4 weeks from now
you’re Snatch numbers AND your strength and conditioning levels
have all significantly improved.

Talk soon.


P.S. I’m a big advocate of not trying to re-invent the wheel – you
know – saving time and effort.

That’s what I’ve done for you in “Kettlebell Express!” – I’ve designed
all the programs for you (over 49 of them) you just have to pick one
that matches your goals and follow it.

Simple. Easy. Effective.

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