How To Find Your Press Groove (For Real)

There’s a lot of confusion about what the right groove is
for your Press.

Do you push your KB up and away from you in an arc?

Do you push yourself away from the KB?

Do you press in a straight line?

Does your palm face out away from you at the top and what
does it mean if you can’t do this?

How do you use your Lat, really?

Seems like there are a million questions surrounding the Press.

And many of the answers *seem* to contradict each other.

So how then do you REALLY find YOUR Press groove?

The answer is surprisingly simple:

Grab your kettlebell by the handle and clean it but don’t let it
flip over – that’s right – a “Bottom’s Up” Clean.

Now press it.

That’s right – a Bottom’s Up Press (BUP).

If you’ve never done these before they’re a challenge. You really
have to grip the handle tightly to keep it from falling out of position.

When you do, you’ll notice a couple of interesting (and important)

1. Your forearms are contracting much harder than they do during
a normal press

2. That means your biceps and triceps are too

3. And that also means that pesky lat of yours which is so hard to
feel on a normal press is contracting too.

4. As a result of 1-3, your shoulder is automatically “packed”

Now it’s time to press – so Press! But do so slowly and under control.

** *KEY POINT* – Unlike the way you might have been taught to Press,
you should never take your eye of the KB during a BUP. You want
to see where that thing is at all times in case you lose your grip! **

What you’ll find is that you’re so focused on keeping the KB from
tipping to one side or the other, that your forearm stays almost
perfectly vertical and perpendicular to the ground the whole way
up – until the KB is over your head.

Now pull it back down and you’ll find the same things –

1. You have to squeeze the KB incredibly hard

2. While doing so your lat is firing on all cylinders

3. Hey – what’s that cramping feeling in your side – Oh Yeah! Those
are your obliques!

After doing 2 or 3 reps of the BUP, shake out the tension and grab
a slightly heavier bell and do a normal KB Press with it.

Try to replicate the sensation in your body that the BUP made you
produce and then apply that to your Press.

Do 3-5 reps that same way.

You should find your Press is significantly improved, and you should
finally have found YOUR groove.

Spend a couple of Press sessions working back and forth between
your BUP and your traditional Press so you can really cement in that

Talk soon.


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