How To “Freak Out Cats” (Totally Not What You Think It Is…)

Ok, yeah… so I’ve lost my mind judging by that subject
line… or so it would seem.

But nope – it’s not gone – yet.

Anyway, the cat thing is part of what Karen said about some
of the wacky, crazy stuff she did as part of her recovery
from her –

Aw, heck, read about it here:

Again – free download – no opt-in.

And my apologies if I haven’t returned your email about
that last special report – got lots of them – so I’ll get back
to you. Promise.

Gotta bounce.


P.S. In case you’re wondering what this is all about –
If you’ve ever thrown your hands up in the frustration
regarding mobility work, “pre-hab,” “movement prep,” or
what have you, this will definitely give you hope – it’s not
really as hard as we’ve made it.

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