How to get a Stronger Press WITHOUT Pressing?

And no… it’s not by doing more Get Ups.


First, Michal wants to know –


“Short question

I have 2 of your programs strong and muscle.

I see that strong is clean plus press. Is it a mistake

if I do this program with long cycle

Clean plus jerk with heavy kettlebell.”


Great question.


Short answer:




In fact, spending some time on the Jerk is one of the best ways to
increase your Press


How so?


Especially since the Jerk groove is different from the Press



Simple –




Usually, when doing Jerks, you’ll use a heavier pair of KBs

than you would when pressing.


That means several things:


1. Heavier weights = greater systemic stress 


And that means your body will be stressed to a greater degree

than it would with presses. And that means your body will get



2. Overloading / training your weak points


People miss their presses for one of two reasons –


1) Off the chest – they can’t stay tight enough and can’t use

their lats and delts to get the KBs moving


2) At the midpoint – toward the lockout – that point right where

the elbows hit 90 degrees and the upper arms are parallel to

the floor. This is due to weak triceps.


Therefore, spending a season on Jerks makes your whole body
stronger and overloads your triceps, helping you crush your sticking
points on the Press.


Just in case you think this sounds like theory, here’s a Facebook

message I just got from Josh yesterday:



He’s been doing nothing but Clean + Jerks for his programming



Pretty sweet results, right?


Spending time learning the Jerk correctly will serve you for the

rest of your workout life.


Not only will your Press get stronger, but you’ll also decrease 

your body fat, and radically improve your conditioning levels as


Learn the best way to Jerk inside “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

You’ll learn:


[+] The 3-D’s of the Jerk
[+] Two mobility and flexibility tests to determine whether you’re

ready to Jerk
[+] 4 Areas of focus to increase specific mobility and flexibility

for the Jerk to keep your shoulders and lower back healthy
[+] 3 Specialized technique drills addressing the 3 weak points

that people struggle with when doing Jerks
[+] How to set up your programming to accelerate your ability to

learn the Jerk quickly and safely

Get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.


Talk soon.






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