How To Get Faster Results From Your KB Workouts WITHOUT Doing KB Workouts

Say wh-a-a-a-a-t-t-t-t-t??

How in the wide-wide world of sports does that make sense?

On the surface, it doesn’t.

So let me tell you a quick story about it.

I basically quit all KB and barbell training from September 2010 through April 2012.

And when I say “basically” – I mean I think I may have deadlifted with a bar 4, maybe 6 times.

And no – ZERO KB training.

The rest of the time I did specialized “mobility” work and calisthenics.

(More on the “mobility” work here in a sec…)

What kind of calisthenics?

Pull up, Parallel Dip, Handstand Push Ups, and Pistol variations, with a strong emphasis on the anterior chain (also known as the flexor chain – the front of the body).

The results?

Without doing any KB work, and weighing somewhere around 200lbs (+/- 5 pounds depending on the week), I cleaned a pair of 40kg KBs for 4 sets of 10 with 2 minutes of rest.

Even at my peak (weight and strength) I couldn’t do that.

What changed that?

More in a minute.

Here’s what else –

I also barbell power snatched 220 pounds from just above the knee – without having practiced it for almost 2 years. (That’s just shy of 80% of my competition max, which is a full snatch, pulled from the floor, when I weighed 30 pounds more.)

Why am I sharing this with you?

And what enabled me to achieve these kinds of results – Especially PR’s in my kettlebell training without even using the KBs?

Was it the calisthenics?


It was Original Strength.

Now I haven’t talked too much about that recently.

But I will tell you this –

If you’re training with KBs and you’re not using some form of the Original Strength RESETs, then you’re leaving some major gains/ results on the table.

I won’t get into the details of the how and why right here –  we’ll save that for the future.

What I do want to share with you is that it wasn’t just the “Big 5” RESETs that got me to where I am today –

Doing muscle ups, 1-arm push ups, and the stuff I really want to be doing –

They were just part of the process.

The tipping point, so-to-speak, was the Regressions –

The pieces that comprise the RESETs.

In fact, it was one particular Regression that put me over the edge – getting me back to “health,” and from there, the kinds of performances I mentioned in this email.

Again, why does that matter to you?

2 Reasons:

1. If you’ve been using Original Strength and feel like you’re missing “something” – it’s probably one or more of the Regressions.

And –

2. If you’re tired of the same ol’ mobility / flexibility / corrective exercise program – one that’s not producing the results you’re looking for –

Then I strongly encourage you to start using OS – not just the “Big 5” RESETs – the whole system in it’s entirety –

Which includes the Regressions.

There’s only one place you can learn the Regressions –

Our Pressing RESET workshops.

If you live in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area, or anywhere remotely close –

Why don’t you join me on Saturday, October 3rd and we’ll go over the OS RESETs and their Regressions together?

Here’s the info you need to attend.

Alternatively, if you’re near the Washington, DC area, you can join my business partner, and fellow OS Co-creator, Tim Anderson, that same weekend.

Here’s more info about that workshop.

What’s still amazing to me after doing this for over half a decade now, is how much stronger you can get from the RESETs and their regressions.

I can’t imagine not using them myself.

They keep me mobile, flexible, agile, AND strong.

I hope you can join me or Tim at one of the upcoming Pressing RESET workshops and we’ll show you what I mean.

Talk soon.


P.S. You may not realize this – but I view pretty much everything through the OS lens now. So even if you don’t see me “actively” promote OS in my kettlebell stuff, you can rest assured that I’m using OS principles as their foundation.

What are the OS principles?

We cover them in depth at our Pressing RESET workshops.

Hope you can join one of us.

I personally would love to see you in Dallas.

P.P.S. I almost forgot (Silly me) –

Since you are a loyal “Kettlebell Secrets” reader, if you sign up this weekend, you’ll receive a 10% discount off the advertised registration fee.

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Again, hope to see you there.


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