How To Get Instantly Stronger

So it’s about 11pm and I realized I haven’t

checked in to see how you’re doing lately.

Sorry about that – been super-busy the past
two weeks.

I’m off to the Summit of Strength in the
morning where I’ll be presenting on Sunday
on “How To Press Your Bodyweight And

It’s going to be AWESOME.

Anyway, that got me to thinking – here’s a
quick way you can become *instantly*
stronger –

Go hang out and train with people stronger
than you.


It will motivate you and you’ll learn something
about why they are stronger than you.

Then you can (hopefully) apply that to your
own kettlebell training.

If that doesn’t work, just use your imagination.
Imagine that you’re actually there with the
people or person you are watching.

It works. That’s one of the ways I got
pretty good at Olympic lifting.

Search youtube for some videos of feats of
strength that sound interesting to you.

Here’s one –

Check it out. It’s John Brookfield juggling a
112lbs kettlebell.

With. One. Hand.

I got to spend last weekend with John – he
challenged me to get stronger that’s for sure.

Gotta go hit the hay.

Be Strong!


P.S. I’ll let you know how the Summit was
when I get back.

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