How To Get REALLY Strong (Without Trying)…

… and lean out in the process… (again, without trying)…

I know what you’re thinking – sounds WAY too good to
be true.

Even a little “late-night TV Hypey.”

I can assure you it’s not.

I’ll spell it all out for you right here, right now, so you
can implement it as soon as you’re done reading this

Why would I do something like that?

Cause we’re “cool like that” as the ol’ 80s rap song which
I’ve since forgotten the name of says.


Ok, here it is:

1. Train frequently

2. Train consistently

3. Train using moderate to heavy weights

4. NEVER train to failure

5. Constantly focus on refining your technique

How does all this work?


The more you practice something, the better you get at

Pretty simple really.

Nothing new there except [maybe] #5.

Uh oh…

Number 5.

Yeah… See, most people, myself in the past included,
have gotten caught on lifting heavy and frequently, dance
with skirting training to failure by lying to themselves
(“I’m sure I could’ve done at least 1 more…”)

And then get frustrated and eventually injured because
they have no way to truly govern their effort.

That’s where #5 comes in.

(And I’ll show you how you can get leaner in the process
almost effortlessly.)

See, when you truly know and work on refining and
understanding the technique to your exercises of choice
some amazing things start to happen:

1. Your technique now becomes the limiting factor
instead of the load.

This means that if you are actually honest with yourself
and train with lighter KBs and hone your technique like
a master swordmaker hones his blades, the heavy KBs
no longer feel “heavy.”

They just float up.

2. Because you’re no longer skirting with failure, you
truly are able to train with a higher frequency, because
you’re no longer dog tired from your “workout.”

This becomes sort of a positive self-fulfilling prophecy.

Because you’re fresh, you can train more frequently.

And because you train more frequently, you see faster

3. This also means – and here’s the best part if you’re
interested in effortless fat loss – because you’re no
longer “working out” but training well shy of failure -

Your stress hormones start to balance out, decreasing
chronic inflammation, and putting you back into a
hormonally correct environment for burning fat –

Oh yeah, and not to mention that because you’re training
more frequently, almost daily, that newfound consistency
means that by default you’re burning more calories on
a daily basis than you would normally.

The BEST Way To Get Strong Using Kettlebells

Sure, there’s a point when you’re a rank beginner using
KBs that you should stick with a single KB. That’s fine
for awhile.

How long is “awhile?”

I don’t know for sure, but it’s usually after you feel confident
(not cocky) with the single KB lifts.

Then it’s time to enter grown up land and use double
kettlebell exercises.

Again, as we’ve seen, principle #5 must be obeyed if
you truly want to get strong –

“Constantly focus on refining your technique.”

Which begs the question –

“What is the best double kettlebell technique?”

Which also begs the question –

“How do I learn the best double kettlebell technique?”

I’ve answered all that for you here.

It’s really a no-brainer.

Talk soon.


P.S. I know this whole “train your technique first”
thing sounds a little strange. But I promise you that if
you’ll let this be your limiting factor, your strength gains
will skyrocket and you’ll even drop a bit of body fat in
the process.

Here’s the best way to do that with a pair of kettlebells.

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