How To Get The Strength And Stamina Of An Action Hero

Yesterday I was talking about my guilty late night pleasure –

Watching “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and how much
we all admire super heros.

I’m not sure however, who I resonate most with –

A super hero or an action hero.

The difference?

One has super powers the other is just tough as nails.

Speaking of tough as nails action heroes –

One of my favorite movie genres is spy movies.

Maybe cause I grew up during the Cold War with my dad being
on the front lines.

My all time favorite is James Bond.

When I was younger, it was all the gadgets. Although
admittedly, during the 80s, they became pretty cheesy.

I used to think that Sean Connery was the best James
Bond, playing him pretty much as a sociopath (which of
course he is). That scene in Dr No where he’s waiting
for the assassin –

Bond shoots him in the back with a silenced weapon and
then cooly twists off the silencer without so much as
batting an eyelash…

However, Daniel Craig, I think has taken over the “best
Bond” title from Connery.

He plays a grittier Bond.

A Bond who gets beaten up and in “Skyfall,” which was
absolutely brilliant (or “brill” as they used to say in
England when I was a kid), gets shot and left for dead.

He’s a bond who’s not just a fighter, but a scrapper.

He’s strong.

From the opening chase in “Casino Royale” at the construction
site where the bomb maker parkours himself through the
little window and Bond runs through the sheetrock wall –

We get a sense that this is a different Bond altogether.

And he’s got stamina.

Bond chases the bomb maker through the construction site,
up a crane, back through the construction site, and
into a foreign embassy before trashing the embassy and
shooting the bomb maker.

The whole scene probably lasts 10 minutes.

I don’t know about you, but I’d like the strength to run
through walls and the stamina to chase down bad guys.

Fortunately, there’s a solution –

The double KB Clean + Jerk.

Now before you pooh-pooh that idea, consider that according
to one of my friends, a former member of the Soviet Special
Forces, some Spetsnaz units use only a pair of 24kg KBs
and do high-rep Clean + Jerks for their PT – their strength
and conditioning –

Multiple sets of 20 to 30 reps.

If you’ve never done this, you’re in for a shock –

They work every single muscle in your body, and make your
heart pound and your lungs feel like their on fire.

Don’t know how to do the double Clean + Jerk?

Then, and I hate to point out the obvious –

But you’re really missing out.

Big time.

But don’t worry.

You can learn how to do them in “Kettlebell STRONG!”. 

The Clean is pretty simple to learn. Many, if not most
who use a single KB pick it up in a matter of minutes.

The Jerk – not so much.

Not at all really.

In “Kettlebell STRONG!” I go into great detail on the
technique, common limitations, and common mistakes that
most people face including –

[+] A 2 point assessment that instantly lets you know
if you have the ability to do the Jerk TODAY

[+] The 4 steps you need to use to get your arms overhead
when you fail the 2 point assessment

[+] The FIRST place you should look and the first drill
you should do to unlock a stiff t-spine and tight
shoulders – two of the major issues preventing you
from doing Jerks

[+] A drop-dead simple drill to unlock stiff shoulders
and t-spine that has you focus on another critical
area of your body

[+] 3 special “rolls” that “grease” open your overhead

[+] The top 3 technique drills that accelerate the Jerk
learning process – including my “super secret”
no fail “a-ha” drill that fixes 99% of people’s

Bottom line, when you want action hero strength and stamina,
double KB Clean + Jerks should make up the meat of your

Talk soon.


P.S. Almost forgot –

The simplest way to build up that strength and stamina is
to use the secret way to turn your strength workouts into
MetCon workouts –

Cut your rest periods between sets.

Don’t just go doing it all willy-nilly though.

Make it methodical.

I show you exactly how to do it in Phase 3 of the “STRONG!”
program inside “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

Get your action hero body here.

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