How To Get To SINGLE DIGIT Body Fat In 8 Weeks…

I know yesterday I said today we’d be talking about
some “kooky” stuff that’ll help you achieve your
goals – some “inside out” work if you will…

But I thought I’d take a detour and share this email
with you that I got from Ben Bogard:

“Geoff, I just wanted share with you the results of
my 8 weeks of the “Strong”  phase.

At the beginning of the 8 weeks my Double KB C&P
number were Dbl. 28KG x 6 and Dbl 32KG x1 (missed
2nd rep attempt).

Today after 8 weeks of KB Strong I hit 3 solid reps<
with Dbl. 32KGs (probably left a 4th in the hole).  
Then hit 10 reps with the 28KGs.

I think anyone would be pleased with these results,
but two things make these results even cooler.
1.  I am not new to the Dbl. KB Clean & Press, so not
newbie gains here.
2.  During this 8 weeks I dieted down from 12.5% Body
Fat to 9.3% body fat!”

So check it out:

Ben got STRONGER while DIETING during the first 8
weeks of “Kettlebell STRONG!” and got into SINGLE
DIGIT body fat land.

Just so you know, that DOES NOT happen with regular
fat loss programs.

Most of them leave you weak.

Ben TRIPLED his press with 32’s from 1 to 3.

And increased his press with the 28’s by 80% (if my
math serves me correctly – it’s early and I had very
little sleep last night).

And this gets back to the heart of my philosophy on
fat loss –

When you want to lose fat, train for strength first.



Training heavy or explosively recruits the largest
and most “energy hungry” muscle fibers.

If you’ve ever trained HEAVY and EXPLOSIVELY then
you know that you’ll also be sucking wind after
some of your sets.


Cause you’re using LOTS of energy.

And in order to burn fat, you must use a lot of energy
while training.

Of course, you also have to be smart about your eating
like Ben was.

Bottom line is this:

The best way to lose fat is to get strong so you can
burn more stored energy (body fat).

And the best way to get strong with kettlebells is
by using “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

Get your copy today and who knows – maybe if you have
the same perseverance and determination Ben had, you
too could reach single digit bodyfat levels

Talk soon.


P.S. In “Kettlebell STRONG!” you’ll lift HEAVY with
the “STRONG!” program and you’ll lift EXPLOSIVELY
with the “One” program. And you’ll learn how to combine
the two programs in a weekly cycle.

Combine them with a smart diet plan and “Hey Presto!” –

Fat loss just “happens.”

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