How To Get Your FREE Copy Of “Kettlebell STRONG!”

Yesterday I announced that the new videos I made
for you are almost ready.

(And thanks to all of you who emailed telling me you can’t
wait to get your copy. I was amazed at how quick the
response was! Humbled, really…)

There’s almost 4 hours of professionally shot, highly
detailed instructional footage designed to get you as
STRONG as possible using your kettlebells

Specifically – by learning how to properly perform the
9 Essential Double KB lifts –

– Double Swing
– Double Snatch
– Double Press
– Double Clean
– Double Front Squat
– Double Push Press
– Double High Pull
– Double Jerk
– Double Clean & Jerk

It’s called, “Kettlebell STRONG!” and it will make you

(That’s not all – there’s a detailed 89 page “filler and
fluff free” manual to go with it, including two new hard
core programs.)

Remember, STRENGTH is important because it is
the foundation for you achieving ALL of your goals –

… Fat loss? Yup. Stronger = more work performed =
more calories burned.

… Extreme conditioning? Yup. More force generated
in less time. Or less effort exerted for each rep.

… Strength? Two KBs = more stimulation to your
body = more strength potential.

Here’s how you get your free copy:

More soon.


P.S. In case you missed it – these are NOT digital
products. They are hard copies – DVDs and a book.
And because of that, I’m only having a limited number

So here’s your chance to win one of those copies.

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