How To Get Your Workouts Done With A Hectic Schedule

Life gets crazy busy sometimes.

You blink and your day is over.

You roll over in bed and your week is over. You take a breath and it’s Sunday night.

Rinse and repeat.

Today’s #1 single challenge comes from Tina Fryar. She asks about –

“Maintaining consistency despite hectic schedule”

Great question.

This is something we all face, I’m betting, at certain times in life.

Kids. Work. School. After school activities with kids.

The list goes on and on.

For some of us, the exhaustion we face at the end of the day (or even during the day) can be overwhelming.

So what do you do?

It’s simple – you must implement 3 “rules.”

1. You MUST find a compelling reason to work out / train.

This may take some time, but this is “the thing” that keeps YOU going.

For example, when I went to Italy earlier in the summer, I packed my training gear.

Fabio, my host, commented on how impressed he was that I did that. (He does the same thing when he travels.)

And I’m heading to Singapore to present next week. I emailed my host ahead of time to make sure there was a place for me to train using the specific implements I wanted to train with.


Because I have a compelling reason that’s personal to me.

And my compelling reason will get me up early in the morning and get me to bed early at night.

The important part is – it’s COMPELLING TO ME.

And so, you MUST find a reason that’s compelling to YOU.

That brings me to point #2 –

2. You MUST plan time for your workouts.

Finding your compelling reason is only the start.

If you are truly compelled to do something, then you will take action on your “compulsion.”

Unfortunately, there’s no “magic” to this. You must force yourself to look at your schedule and PLAN your workouts.

Write them in there.

Open your planner (if you still use one) or open your iCalendar and write your workout in there.

Before work.

At lunch.

After work.

I get it.

You’re tired.

I have two young kids.

My wife and I are both tired.

But we still get our workouts in anyway.


Because working out and staying strong, healthy, and fit are important to us.

What about the energy to work out once you arrive at your pre-planned workout time?

I’ve found over the years that there’s an direct correlation between energy levels and workout complexity.

The more energy you have, the more complex your workout can be.

Kinda makes sense, right?

You have the energy to focus on different and more challenging exercises.

When you’re energy is low, I’ve found it best to stick to simple exercises you know and are familiar with –

Exercises that make up workouts that essentially just let you show up and punch the clock.

After all, something is better than nothing, right?

And nothing lasts forever – unless you let it.

You plan more rigorous workouts in the future when your schedule calms down.

3. Hold yourself accountable to get your workouts done.

This is one of the hardest things for people to do.

And this is one of the reasons why one-on-one personal training is so successful for some people.

They pay their trainer X amount of money two to three times per week to make themselves show up and do what they say is important to them.

You must find a similar mechanism.

How do you make these 3 “rules” work for you?


Enroll today in “Kettlebell 365.”

When you do, I’ll include my A.N.C.H.O.R. system to find your compelling reason “why” you’re doing what you want to do.

And you’ll hold yourself accountable each month – I’ll send you a new program each and every month.

Each program is based on the 4-Phase Cycle for Perpetual Progress.

So, you’ll keep making progress.

And making progress = seeing results.

And coincidentally, seeing results helps keep you motivated.

(One of the reasons people don’t remain motivated is that they don’t measure and therefore don’t see their results.)

“Kettlebell 365” = purpose, progress, and accountability.

You need all 3 if you want to stop treading water with your KB workouts.

Enroll today.

Talk soon.


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