How To Hit Life’s Curveballs Out Of The Park With Your KBs…

Who are we kidding? As much as we’d love it, life doesn’t 

go 100% our way all the time.

The best we can do sometimes is to adjust our attitude

for the best possible outcome to less than optimal


Nights without sleep because your kids seem to be having

a have a projectile vomiting contest.

Having to stay late at the office cause Jones whiffed on

another project and you have to clean up the mess… again.

Or something else that completely interferes with your

schedule and destroys your best laid plans for productivity.

Good thing you train with kettlebells.

You don’t need a lot of time – not if you’re training correctly.

Some of the best programs have relatively short workouts

in them.

45 minutes three times a week are great when you have 

that kind of time but sometimes – many times – you don’t.

So then you stress out about not getting your workouts done

when you know you should. 

That just piles on to an already less-than-optimal situation.

No need for guilt or self loathing.

Forget that mess. 

That’ll just suck up more of your precious time.

You need something quick to get your muscles working and

your heart pumping. 

That’s one of the many reasons the “One” program from 

“Kettlebell STRONG!” is so devastatingly efficient.

It’s “only” 10 minutes long. 

I say “only” cause honestly, many people it turns out, can’t 

make it through that 10 when they first start out.

(Good thing I show you how to make modifications to that

program as one of the bonuses to “Kettlebell STRONG!.”)

Not only that, but when you combine the “One” program with

the “STRONG!” program – you could technically work out only

3 days a week – for less than an hour.

You can get the first workout in STRONG! done in 20 minutes.

Same with the second – less actually.

And the “One” – well plan on 10 minutes.

Then alternate them each week like this:

Mon – STRONG! – 20 mins

Wed – One – 10 mins

Fri – STRONG! – 20 mins

Mon – One – 10 mins

Wed – STRONG! – 20 mins

Fri – One – 10 mins

Then when you have a few minutes to yourself, watch the 

DVDs and polish up your technique to make your lifts 

more efficient.

More efficiency = more strength in the same or less time.

Plus, these programs fit into the tightest of schedules.

Speaking of tight schedules – I’ve gotta run – my son’s

almost up and I had a change of plans and have to watch

him today because my wife’s not feeling well.

Want to start seeing results again even with your tight 


Get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

Gotta run!


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