How To Lose 2-3 Pounds In 67 Minutes Or Less

So I added up the first week of The Long Haul – one of
my favorite programs in “More Kettlebell Muscle.”

Day 1: 14 minutes
Day 2: 17.5 minutes
Day 3: 11 minutes

Total Workout Time For ENTIRE Week = 42.5 minutes

People want to know if you can REALLY lose 2 to 3
pounds a week working out that little.

Before I answer that – take a look at this:

Here’s the total workout time in Week 9 – the last week
of The Long Haul:

Day 1: 22 minutes
Day 2: 27.5 minutes
Day 3: 16.5 minutes

Total Workout Time For ENTIRE Week = 66 minutes.

That’s one hour and six minutes!

Now this is going to blow your mind -

Your workload actually DOUBLES over the course of the
9 weeks, ensuring that your body doesn’t stagnate and
keeps burning fat for the whole time!

And that’s the key to continually burning fat - constantly
challenging your body and demanding more work from
it each and every week -

Working at a volume and higher energy output, so you
burn more and more and more calories each week, not
only during your workouts, but more importantly - after.

And that’s how you’ll lose 2 to 3 pounds per week!

Pretty cool, huh?

You bet it is!


Ok, I must be kinda out of my mind here.

I just put up another special bonus for you called, “The
Rutgers Files” chronicling the complexes I used with
the Rutgers Wrestling team.

Don’t know if you know this, but wrestling is a weight
class sport – guys have to make weight. These complexes
definitely helped my guys drop weight and they’ll help
you too.

Grab your copy, along with “More Kettlebell Muscle,”
just in time for that beach trip Memorial Day weekend.


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