How To Make Fat Loss “Convenient” Instead Of “Complicated”

Honestly, I hate complicated.

I prefer simple.

My own training currently is very simple:

Original Strength, snatches, cleans, jerks, squats, abs,
dips, chins.


Unfortunately, losing fat quickly is NOT simple.

It’s VERY complicated.

You have to get A LOT of things right at the right times.

Like my RPFL program (Rapid & Perpetual Fat Loss).

There’s meal timing, workout timing, workout contrasts,
active recovery measures… just to name a few.

It takes A LOT of mental and physical preparation.

And it’s not for everybody.

In fact, it’s for very few to be honest.

Most people just don’t have the focus, motivation, and
self-discipline to implement that type of complexity, which
is why I honestly don’t recommend it for everyone

Most people would be better served – maybe you – with
the “slow go” approach to fat loss.

Think about this:

If you lost “just” 1 pound a week, in 12 weeks, you’d be 12
pounds lighter.

Sure, that doesn’t sound “sexy” or “exciting” – but here’s
the KEY – it’s MANAGEABLE.

And more likely than not, it’s CONVENIENT. 

It’ll fit into your lifestyle without you having to turn
your life upside down.

The key to doing this is only focusing on two variables.


Simplify your nutrition, your “diet.”

– Implement intermittent fasting. It’s a proven method to
lose fat. And it’s simple.

– Eat the same 4 or 5 meals throughout the week. It may
seem “boring” – but you won’t have to figure out what to
eat and so you’ll be less likely to sabotage yourself with
“convenient” food choices.

– This one is a new one for me – I wouldn’t normally recommend
this – but man, for the sake of convenience – if this is your
only option – run with it:

Replace your fat-promoting breakfast and lunch with
protein shakes.

They’re relatively tasty and much better for you than
any bowl of cereal – Kashi or not. (You’re not fooling
anyone Kashi people – with your “as much protein as
an egg” – wow – 6 whole grams of protein!)


Simplify your training.

If you’re new to KBs, stick to single bell programs.

If you’ve been in the pool for a little while, it’s time to “cowboy
up” and start doing doubles work.


They require more energy and get you stronger than
just using one kettlebell (in most cases).


– Train for strength first. The stronger you are, the more
calories you’ll burn.

– Add in a little conditioning work 1 to 2 times per week, as
your schedule allows.

– Train 3 times per week.

Here’s a simple 3 day a week template you can use:

Week 1:
Day 1: Strength
Day 2: Conditioning
Day 3: Strength

Week 2:
Day 1: Conditioning
Day 2: Strength
Day 3: Conditioning

Then just rotate each week.


What should you use for your convenient fat loss programs?

Get strong with the “STRONG!” program and get your
conditioning on with the “One” program.

They’re so convenient, you’ll only spend about 90 minutes
max each week working out.

That leaves you time to do all the other stuff you want to
do without any complication.

Get your convenient fat loss programming here.

Talk soon.


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