How To Make Your Press “Literally 100% Better”…

There aren’t too many things in life that provide a deep
sense of satisfaction, know what I mean?

After all, these days pretty much everything seems to
be instantaneous.

And we’ve come to expect the same things from our

Unfortunately, the body doesn’t work that way.

Gains, come slow and steady, in some cases, and in
others, not at all.

And when they do come, they are usually a result of
consistency and persistence. (Which in turn provide that
deep sense of satisfaction.)
Those are definitely not two words used very often today.

Hence the amazing amount of confusion and contradictions
in the fitness and exercise industries.

Which brings me to a question from Zafar that I got late
last week –

He was confused because in some of my ad copy for two
different products appeared to him to be contradictory.

I responded that I never gave the specifics or exact details
of what I did to get the results I achieved, only some of the
basics in the first piece of ad copy. In the second, I expounded
on what I did to get the results. And that’s where the confusion
came from.

Then I gave him the principles that linked the two pieces
of ad copy for the different products and showed him the
details and how the details didn’t violate the principles.

See, that’s how you get a big press.

Or gain strength in anything you do.

… Come to think of it, to achieve any goal.

It’s two simple steps:

1. You identify and learn the principles.

2. You learn the details that are congruent with the principles.

Using our press as an example, let’s flesh this out a little

1. You must understand that putting big numbers over your
head has more to do with your body than the weight in
your hands, single KB, double KB, or otherwise.

It’s about the best way to control your body.

2. The details between single KB and double KB are slightly
different, but when you understand the principles – body
control – you can easily rearrange the details in your mind
without really even having to memorize them.

In fact, understanding and applying the principles with

persistence, consistently is literally 90% of the game.

But most people today are focused solely on the details.

Details without principles are like a compass without a map.

Lots of directions to go, but no real destination.

Speaking of which, when your destination is “Strong” then
“Kettlebell STRONG!” is your map AND your compass for getting
as strong as you want (and stronger) with your KBs

Here’s what Mike Moran said about it –

“Thanks again for the great product. Literally made my press
100% better!!”

Thanks, Mike – awesome to hear.

Experience results like Mike’s – boost your press here.

Talk soon.


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