How To Move Up To Heavier Pair Of KBs…

… without buying an “in-between”

I got an email this week from Matt T.
who wanted to know how to modify
the “Kettlebell Muscle” program.

And he wasn’t asking because he
wanted to do something different.

He was asking because he was stuck
between a pair of 16s and a pair of 24s.

He could complete KM with the 16s but
couldn’t keep his form with the 24s.

So here’s what I told him to do in his
case (and it’llprobably help you out too):

“Keep the sets of KM the same for the
first 5-6 weeks.

Use the following rep scheme:

Week 1: 3 reps
Week 2: 4 reps
Week 3: 5 reps
Week 4: 4 reps
Week 5: 5 reps
Week 6: Off
Week 7: Break into true KM.”

He also wanted to know how to modify the
“Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!” diet protocol
for KM.

(Matt got down to 180lbs – his high school
weight and waist size on “EXTREME!” at 44
years old).

But I can’t tell you what I told him.

But I will.

Not only that, I’ll just flat out give you
“Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!” and you
can experience the kind of results Matt

But you have to be one of 5 committed people.

Because I only have 5 spots left in the
upcoming San Diego “Kettlebell Muscle

In it, I’ll teach you everything you need
to know to get stronger and leaner, faster
than you thought possible by honing your
double kettlebell techniques.

Claim one of the last 5 spots by going here.

Talk soon.


P.S. The price of the workshop increases
at Midnight tomorrow.

Reserve one of the last spots here.

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