How To Overcome Injuries, Aches, And Pains…

Have you ever gotten hurt or are currently struggling with
aches and pains?

I have.

Seems like my whole life until the past couple of years.

I just got an email from a private coaching client checking
in with me.

We started because he used to be a member of my old
business – he joined just before I sold it and got injured
a couple of months later.

Truth was, he probably just wasn’t ready for kettlebells –
at least not in an aggressive, competitive group

That was 4.5 years ago.

He’s been struggling to get back ever since.

(He and I started last month.)

I “feel his pain” – I spent the better part of the 2000s trying
to rehab this, that, and the next injury.

It was like the lost decade from a training perspective.

Anyway, I thought you might benefit from some of what I
told him.

If not, don’t worry about it – this email is not for you.

1. You must have a COMPELLING reason WHY you want
to heal.

And you must REMEMBER it day after day after day.

For him, it is his young son.

(That’s what finally turned me around – not wanting to rob
my son of a dad who was injured and couldn’t participate
in his life.)

For many, it’s so easy to just give up and accept these
things as part of getting old.

That’s just WRONG!

You can heal, and you can get better than before in many

(Shoot, I’m closing in on one arm chins at over 200lbs –
never gotten this close before.)

2. You MUST MAKE TIME in your schedule to get healthy.

Many people who are injured struggle with compliance –
doing what is necessary to get back to healthy and normal.

It must be a PRIORITY.

Get up 15-20 minutes earlier than you do now to get done
what needs to be done.

Stay up 15-20 minutes later.

Which brings me to my next point…

3. You must be RUTHLESS.

In order to overcome aches, pains, and even injuries, takes
extra energy.

And if you’re used to lifting hard and and heavy and now you
can’t – you must take that energy – channel it – FOCUS it –
into healing.

You must have the mindset that you will do WHATEVER it
takes to return to normal.

Even if it means going lighter, learning new movements,
and doing stuff that makes you feel uncomfortable.

For example, when I retired from Olympic lifting I didn’t
know what to do. So I changed my focus and spent my
time and energy focusing on bodyweight work for awhile.

The result?

Rehabbed my body, got to my leanest state in almost
15 years, and regained my athleticism.


There’s always more than one way to achieve your goals.
You just may need to look to different areas.

4. More likely than not, you need support.

I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without the support
of my wife and friends – friends who’d let me call them
up and chew their ear about training ideas.

Friends I could lean on when times looked dark – who
had encouraging words to say.

Friends who wouldn’t let me off the hook – who would
remind me of why I was doing what I was doing.

Now granted, this wasn’t an all the time thing – but it
came in helpful when I needed it.

You’ll probably need some of that too.

If that’s the case, the Inner Circle may help you out.

The first 2 months are designed not only to help you
rebuild your broken and battered body – but I’ll also
be checking in with you once a week – just to make
sure you’re on track and you stay on track.

(They’re essentially two months of “Workarounds.”
We’ll focus on shoulders, hips, and regaining reflexive
core strength – all commonly dinged up areas.)

Here’s where you need to go –

Whether you make it inside or not – remember –

You only go through this life once – it doesn’t make
sense to limp through it when you’re meant to run.

Talk soon.


If you found this email helpful, feel free to forward it to
your friends and family.

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