How To Peel Off Those Summertime “Party Pounds” Pronto

I’m sure this has never happened to you and only to some
of your friends, so do them a favor and keep reading this
so you can help them out, ok?

You ever know someone who goes on a diet and a hardcore
workout program – or maybe just a workout program – to 
lose some fat (or even a bunch) to get in shape for the summer?

Yeah, me too.

And, you ever know someone who did that, then hung out at
the beach, lake, or pool – or wherever – all summer with the 
“crew” and really “enjoyed” his / her summer -
You know, a couple of extra beers or mixed drinks, plus, one
too many desserts…

To wake up after summer having put back most of that weight,
if not all of it?

How frustrating, right? 

For them, I mean.

Party time is over and all he / she has to show for it is a tan,
and the re-emergence of the spare tire or cottage cheese back 
on the derriere. 

Here’s what you tell them:

No sense in staying frustrated and carrying that spare baggage
into the fall and winter, where you can cover it up and not have
to be reminded of it until the new year or next spring.

No sir.
No ma’am.


And no sense in continuing that self-destructive behavior into
the upcoming holiday season, either.

I mean, the pumpkins are out at the grocery stores already – a
nice friendly reminder that Halloween is just around the corner.

Then it’s Thanksgiving.

Then it’s Christmas, [then my birthday], then New Year’s.

Man, if your friend isn’t careful, he / she’s going to be packing
on another 10 or more pounds between now and then.

Good thing baggy sweaters hide that stuff, right? 

Well except for the double chin…

Anyway, do your friend a favor and challenge them to strip off
as much fat as possible in the next 29 days.

Get him / her this.

Just think, by the time Halloween rolls around, he or she won’t
be. (Rolling around, that is.)

Talk soon.


P.S. Make sure you tell your friend he or she could lose up to
17 pounds in the next 29 days. And he / she only has to work
out 20-25 minutes per day. 

This’ll conveniently fit into the fall schedule.

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