How To Perform The TWO Most Difficult Double KB Exercises With Ease And Confidence

The two most powerful double kettlebell exercises
are also the most difficult to learn, let alone master.

Not only are they difficult to learn, many people find one,
if not both, intimidating.

That’s because they don’t understand the PRINCIPLES
behind performing these lifts.

That, and they can just feel plain ol’ awkward.

But not anymore.

When you get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!”
today I’ll show you the easiest, most effortless way
to learn the Double KB Snatch –

An exercise that not only requires total body power and
coordination to do – but helps produce total body power
and coordination.

It’s like a cycle – need it to produce power, get it to
produce more power. Rinse. Repeat.

Most people are just downright uncoordinated when
it comes the the Double Snatch.

If you’ve ever felt that way – or just felt like this exercise
was a “crapshoot” – don’t worry about it any longer.

You can learn how to do the Double Snatch with
certainty and confidence using this 3 step sequence.

When people learn this sequence they are amazed
at how effortless the Double Snatch becomes.

And you will be too.

Unfortunately, you can’t learn this anywhere else except
one of my live workshops. (And I taught it at the last
RKC 2.)

You can search for it on youtube or in my emails or
on my blog – but you won’t find it. (Plus, that’s just a
waste of time).

There’s only one place you can learn how to make
your Double Snatch feel effortless and reap the benefits
thereof (newfound strength, burn more calories, etc) –

“Kettlebell STRONG!”

The second exercise is the Jerk, which if you ever want
to experience amazing levels of power and conditioning,
you need to learn how to do without trashing your shoulders
in the process.

Unfortunately, the Jerk not only scares the H-E-double
hockey sticks out of some people, it confuses 99% of others.

They just can’t seem to get the timing down to get
underneath the bells.

They turn it into some kind of funky push press, which
it’s not.

I’ve seen it time and time and time again.

Like Scott – who attended the Summit of Strength this
past year.

He was really struggling with his Jerk.

Until I showed him three drills he needed to do to gain
the confidence, timing, and strength to Jerk.

And Jerk he did.

I even put together a little circuit for him which not
only refined but cemented in his new technique –

One which made his Jerk EASY.

I also showed this circuit to the candidates at the last
RKC 2 and they all saw immediate improvements in
their Jerk.

Would you like to know these three simple drills
plus the circuit that allows you to Jerk with ease and

I’d love for you to have them. They’re all inside
“Kettlebell STRONG!” –

You no longer have to struggle with the Double Snatch
and flounder with the Jerk.

Learn the simple 3 exercise sequence to effortless
Double Snatches and the 3 drills for confident Jerks
by grabbing your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” now –

To your newfound strength,


P.S. On a completely different note – if you’re still
having technical difficulties getting to the webpage
try one of these two things:

1. Copy and paste the link directly into your web

2. Clear your cache and reload your web browser

Here’s how you do it in Firefox:

Click on “Firefox” on the toolbar > Preferences >
Network > second button down on right hand side –
“Clear Now”

Here’s how you do it in Safari:

Click on the “Safari” tab on the toolbar > Preferences
> Privacy > click on “Remove all website data”

Here’s how you do it in Explorer 9&10:

Click on “Tools” > Safety > Delete brewing history..

Uncheck “Preserve Favorites website data” and
check both “Temporary Internet Files” and “Cookies”
then click “Delete”.

Ok, you should be good to go.

P.P.S. You can remove all the technical difficulties with
your Double Snatch and Jerk you can remove them
easily by just knowing where to look and what to do –

I’ll show you how it’s done that’s almost as simple as
clicking a few buttons inside “Kettlebell STRONG!” –

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