How To Quickly Press A Pair Of 32’S (With Great Form!)…

I seem to recall that in some of the original RKC material
being able to easily press a 32kg was for “strong men” –

An accomplishment not easily achieved, especially here
in the States, where the atmosphere is quickly becoming
one where that no one can be any better than anyone else
at anything.(Mediocre is a dish best served luke warm – and it seems
to me no one really likes either.)

So imagine how strong you would be, and better yet, how
strong you would feel, and even better, the confidence
you just might gain when you can easily press A PAIR of

Especially when you never expected it.

Serrell Smokey wrote yesterday:

“Hey Geoff, I just wanted to write and let you know that
I have seen great gains with your programs and you’re advice
is the best out there.  I look forward to reading your e-mail
every time I get on the computer…

Never thought that I would be able to military press a pair
of 32kg’s so quickly (with great form).  Started out barely
getting up the 24’s.  The “Strong” program has blew me away.
Love it!”

Thank you, Serrell!

I’m sure I speak for him when I say we’d both love for you to
have his experience.Here’s where you start.

Gotta run…


P.S. If you’re a woman reading this, who’s to say you
can’t easily press a pair of 16s, or even 20s?

In training women with KBs for the past 12 years, NOTHING
I’ve seen compares to the confidence a woman gains when
she starts to experience the strength she’s meant to have.

It seems to permeate all aspects of her life. Don’t know
why, but it’s pretty cool.

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