How To Skip Your Workouts For Better Results

Let’s face it – there’s A LOT going on this time of year.

So much to do, so little time to do it.

The Holiday season is in full swing.

Plus, many businesses shut down for the last week of
the year, so there’s not only the 4th quarter crunch,
but end of year deadlines on top of that.

It’s very easy to skip you’re regularly planned workouts.

Good idea.

Very good idea.

Most of our regular workouts are geared TOWARD
one goal or another – we’re always driving, driving,

How bout this?

How bout a goal of doing as little as possible and still
making progress?

Here’s exactly how you do it:

1. Implement a Post Season.

Just like competitive athletes have a time of year after
their competition season, to gear down, throttle back,
and recover, you should too.

It helps your both your body and mind recover.

Better yet, it prepares you physically and emotionally
to push even harder next year – to either finish achieving
your goals or to conquer new ones.

2. Use either very short workouts or practice your kettlebell

Here’s something the rest of the fitness/exercise world
just don’t know:

Your ability to work harder – that is – to do more work –
is directly proportional to the quality of your technique.

If you’re technique sucks, then you’re limiting your progress.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s a case in point:

The double KB press – Numero Uno upper body KB strength

Did you know that if you don’t actively contract your glutes
and “sit” on them, you’re lower back is put at risk, your
abs tend to shut down, and you lose force production –
the ability to drive the KBs over your head?

In other words, you’re weaker.

That’s just one of the basic 5 cues common to all KB
strength exercises.

There are 3 others that are specific to the press.

Just knowing what they are will boost your press numbers
up – allowing you to press more.

And we all know that pressing more means you can press
more. :-)

You’ll discover these 8 cues, plus many others for each
of the 9 double KB exercise, when you order the “Kettlebell
STRONG!” 2 DVD set and book today.

Just by working your technique – really laser focusing on
getting the cues down pat – making each rep feeling “right” –
without worrying about sets and reps or rest –

You’ll not only help your body and mind recover from
the past 11 months, you’ll set yourself up for a strong 2014.

Talk soon.


P.S. Here’s the funny thing most people don’t know about
proper technique training with double KBs –

They’re so busy chasing the burn, or trying to “get a great
workout” they miss the fact that training technique
is a great workout in and of itself.

In other words, when you focus on properly aligning your
body and the bells together, and using the right muscles
at the right times – you’ll do more work “accidentally” then
you ever tried to do on purpose with the “Smasher 3000″
plan or whatever “smoker” you were trying to kill yourself

Test it out and see for yourself after watching it live
on video first.

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